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The RCOG is keen to work with partners already delivering high quality education and training and excellent patient care.

Becoming an RCOG Accredited Training Centre is not just an accreditation, it's a commitment to excellence and a chance to make a lasting difference to the care of women and girls.

We have partnered with the following organisations to build our global educational offering and to support O&G doctors in their education and training.

Our partners

Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Corniche Hospital was the first RCOG accredited partner in the region of Abu Dhabi for the delivery of advanced obstetrics and gynaecology training. Corniche Hospital was involved in the development and implementation of a piloted structured training programme that started in 2022, to support the provision of high quality patient care. The O&G programme allows trainees to develop specialist skills and areas of interest, whilst embedding core competencies in a way that benefits their careers.

Programme title

O&G Core Curriculum - ST5-ST7

Accredited by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG - UK)

Accreditation status
Programme accreditation to deliver O&G Core Curriculum - ST5-ST7 for 12 months (Nov 2023)

Max Healthcare, Delhi, India

Max Healthcare is the largest private sector grouping of hospitals in Delhi, India and stands as a beacon of excellence in the medical field, offering a comprehensive range of services across various disciplines. Situated on the edge of the Delhi national state boundary, it attracts patients from Delhi and the more rural neighbouring states. The O&G programme allows trainees to develop core competencies and clinical skills that benefits their career progression in O&G.

  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket Complex
  • BLK-MAX Super Specialty Hospital, Pusa Road, Delhi
  • Max Super Specialty Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

Programme title

RCOG-MHC Obstetrics & Gynaecology Programme

Accredited by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG - UK)

Accreditation status

Provisional Programme Accreditation to deliver O&G Core Curriculum – ST1-ST5 for 12 months (December 2023)

Aster MedCity, Kochi, Kerala, India

Aster MedCity is located on a waterfront campus in Kochi, and has been delivering quality healthcare through its Centres of Excellence and a multi-specialty hospital since 2013. It combines the best of talent and technology to provide holistic treatment with a multidisciplinary approach. The O&G programme allows trainees to develop core competencies and clinical skills that benefits their career progression in O&G.

Programme title

O&G Core Curriculum - ST1-ST5

Accredited by Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG - UK)

Accreditation status

Full accreditation status to deliver ST1-5 training in O&G for 12 months (1 August 2024 to 31 July 2025)

May 2024: We are pleased to announce that Aster MedCity are currently recruiting for doctors in training to join their programme in Kochi. Find out more here.

Partner feedback

Dr Elizabeth Holt, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine, Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

"Completion of RCOG specialty training is recognised internationally as a gold standard. The relationship between excellence in training is well correlated with the highest standards in delivery of healthcare and optimal patient outcomes.

In partnership with the RCOG, we started the RCOG Accredited year 5-7 Training program at the Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi in November 2022 – breaking new ground in the Middle East.

The Corniche Hospital is the largest, and longest established, provider of maternity and neonatal care in the UAE, delivering around 6,000 babies per year. Accredited tertiary level service is also provided in fetal and maternal medicine, gynaecology and reproductive medicine.

The RCOG has provided the clear standards expected for a training unit to meet, allowing benchmarking through ongoing assessment and feedback, to ensure equivalency with UK training.

Both the trainees and trainers have benefited from bespoke support and continuous education from the RCOG. We have monthly live RCOG educational sessions for the faculty to enable us to navigate such things as the ePortfolio and educational supervision.

The ultimate benefit of providing RCOG accredited training at the Corniche Hospital is for succession planning with home grown talent, providing the opportunity for career progression with an internationally recognised qualification, to ensure the future quality of women’s healthcare in the UAE."

Max Healthcare, Delhi, India

"On behalf of the MHIL team, we want to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding collaboration and seamless accreditation process with the RCOG team. Working together with the RCOG team has been a privilege.

We value the open communication, attention to detail and collaborative spirit that the team brought to the table. Your efforts have not only facilitated a successful accreditation process but have also fostered a positive and productive working relationship between our teams.

The Max Healthcare team led by Dr Vinitaa, assisted Dr Tanya and Dr Akshay, extend their heartfelt gratitude for your tireless efforts in ensuring a seamless collaboration.
Thank you for your hard work, expertise, and dedication to ensuring the highest standards in our collaborative endeavours.

We look forward to continuing this positive and fruitful partnership, achieving milestones together and contributing to the advancement of our shared goals."

Trainee from Corniche Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE

"An excellent opportunity being an overseas physician!
RCOG's advanced training programme has been a life changing experience for me, not only clinically but also for achieving non technical skills as well. This programme has opened a vast avenue for me to master effective communication, learn clinical governance issues and teaching, which is my passion. 
Being the first overseas trainee, I feel very proud to start two SITMs at Corniche Hospital. Thanks to the Corniche Hospital team and RCOG faculty who have been very supportive throughout my ST5 training year."

If you are interested in becoming an accredited partner to deliver the RCOG curricula and training, please contact us for an informal discussion at 

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