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Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and pregnancy

Published: 11/01/2022

The impact of new evidence and changes in policy – specifically related to the Omicron variant – is being reviewed on a weekly basis.

The document above is for healthcare professionals. We have also prepared information for pregnant women and their families, drawn from this guidance:

Information for pregnant women and their families

Q&As relating to this guidance - updated Monday 19 July 2021

Further information for healthcare professionals and pregnant women eligible for COVID-19 vaccination is available from our COVID-19 vaccines and pregnancy webpage.

Treatment of COVID-19 in pregnant patients (PDF 603kb)

Version 1: updated Tuesday 7 December 2021

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This guidance continues be reviewed on a regular basis as new evidence becomes available.

If you would like to suggest additional areas for this guidance to cover, submit new evidence for consideration or if you require any clarifications, please email