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Finance and General Purposes Committee (F&GP)

F&GPC papers

Members of F&GPC can download meeting papers here (please note you will need to be signed into the website).

Meeting dates


  • 22 January, 10am
  • 19 February, 10am
  • 9 April, 10am
  • 21 May, 10am
  • 23 July, 10am
  • 3 September, 9am - Cancelled
  • 12 November, 10am



1. Executive

The committee will:

  • Report to the Board of Trustees.
  • Assist the Officers in developing a strategy for the College.
  • Review and recommend changes to RCOG Regulations.
  • Perform, on behalf of the Board, matters of routine business.
  • Recommend to Trustees and Council changes in Chairs and committee membership depending on the relevant reporting structure. 
  • Submit recommendations to establish working parties, their remit and membership to the Trustees and Council within their respective delegated authority.
  • To consider recommendations received from Officers and to make recommendations to Council of Honorary Fellows, Fellows ad eundem, Fellows honoris causa and Members without examination.
  • To approve and execute deeds excepting those that commit the College to over £100k expenditure.

2. Finance

  • Review annual revenue and capital budgets and recommend to the Trustees.
  • Receive and critically appraise monthly management accounts and any other financial statements as required or requested.
  • Review year end out-turns.
  • Review annual subscriptions, examination fees, registration fees and other charges to Fellows, Members and Trainees.
  • Consider exceptional expenditure not included in the approved annual budget, within the limits set out in the Standing Financial Instructions.
  • Annually review the Investment Policy Statement and recommend to the Trustees.
  • Review and approve restricted fund applications.

3. Management

  • Note changes in staff, staff structure and consider changes to the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Review and recommend contracts with suppliers and government agencies that commit the College to expenditure of £250k or over, per annum.
  • Receive the minutes of the following committees:
  • Receive recommendations from all College committees where these have a personnel or unbudgeted and/or significant financial impact.

4. Meeting arrangements

  • A quorum will be 5 members, at least 3 of whom will be non-executive.
  • The Committee will generally meet monthly, except for August. 



Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


  • Vice President, Workforce & Professionalism: Dr Jo Mountfield FRCOG


  • President: Mr Edward Morris FRCOG
  • Vice President, Clinical Quality: Prof Tim Draycott FRCOG
  • Vice President, Education: Miss Susan Ward FRCOG
  • Senior Vice President, Global Health: Dr Ranee Thakar FRCOG
  • Vice President, Membership: Dr Pat O'Brien FRCOG
  • Members’ representative from Council: Dr Martin Maher MRCOG
  • Fellows' representative from Council: Mr Andrew Leather FRCOG
  • Trainees' Committee representative: Dr Heidi Stelling MRCOG or Dr Sarah Quinn MRCOG
  • Independant Trustee: Mr Roy Clarke
  • Chief Executive: Ms Kate Lancaster
  • Executive Director, Education, Quality & Projects: Mr Gary Waltham
  • Executive Director, External Affairs (Interim): Mr Ben Butler
  • Executive Director, Membership & Global (Interim): Ms Kristen Morgan
  • Executive Director, Finance & Resources: Mr Ian Hill

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