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RCOG Women’s Network

Please note: the RCOG Women’s Network was formerly known as the Consumers’ Forum

Meeting dates (11:30 start)


  • 22 March
  • 14 June
  • 20 September
  • 29 November


Reporting mechanism

The RCOG Women’s Network reports to the Clinical Quality Board.

Mission statement

‘Improving women’s health and experience of obstetrics and gynaecology services.’


  • To support and provide a resource for the RCOG to deliver a professional service that meets the needs and aspirations of women.
  • To support effective communication between professionals and the public.


To ensure consumer perspectives inform and influence practice through contributing to:

  • RCOG reports
  • RCOG research
  • RCOG guidelines
  • Responses to consultation papers
  • RCOG training
  • RCOG meetings
  • RCOG links with other bodies
  • RCOG working parties
  • RCOG committees and boards
  • Information for the public
  • Standards: quality, management and audit
  • Training: minimum competencies, accreditation

RCOG public meetings

To help support and participate in public education meetings on issues of concern relating to women’s reproductive health.

Annual work plans

To set realistic objectives for each year:

  • To work on topics which relate to the RCOG work and planning cycles
  • To work on topics and issues seen as important to the RCOG Women’s Network group.

To provide a year end report.

To continue and complete work on areas of priority identified by the RCOG Women’s Network.

Ways of working

Four formal meetings per year, in March, June, September and December, at which work is agreed and signed off.

RCOG Women’s Network members attend College and other meetings throughout the year to ensure a consumer view is provided and to report back college and other business to the Network.

Between meetings, the work of the Network continues informally by way of small group working, usually by exchange of group emails.

General approach and philosophy

  • The RCOG Women’s Network will work within a framework of equal opportunity.
  • The RCOG Women’s Network believes in the crucial importance of information being readily available to enable people to make informed choices.



  • Kate Brian – Women's Voices Lead


  • Nicola Forbes – Lay member
  • Rohna Kearney – Clinical member
  • Jennifer Allison – Trainees’ representative
  • Angelina Namiba – Lay member
  • Catherine Nestor – Co Vice-Chair
  • Charlotte Porter – Clinical member
  • Rebeka Russell – Lay member
  • Victoria Stakelum – Lay member
  • Mary Twomey – Co Vice-Chair
  • Dr Alison Wright FRCOG – Vice President, UK and Global Membership
  • Maria Viner – Lay member
  • Becky Gunn – Lay member
  • Jennifer Leonard – Lay member
  • Christianah Olagunju – Lay member
  • Jane Plumb – Lay member
  • Maya Lane – Lay member
  • Ruth Unstead-Joss – Lay member

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