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Specialty Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)

Meeting dates (13:30 start unless stated)


  • 1 March
  • 29 June
  • 15 November (10.00 start)



Three times per year

Reporting Committees:

Advanced Training Committee, Subspecialty Committee, Core Curriculum Committee

Reporting to:

Education Board


To be responsible for the content, structure and delivery of the Specialty Training Programme and to advise the eligibility of doctors for the award of the Certificate of Completion of Training.


  • To receive recommendations from the Core Curriculum Committee and Advanced Training Committee concerning revisions to the Specialty Training Programme and to approve curricula changes prior to submission to Education Board
  • To receive recommendations from the Subspecialty Committee concerning revisions to subspecialty curricula and to approve curricula changes prior to submission to Education Board
  • Roll out curriculum revisions to the trainees ensuring appropriate mechanisms are in place for transitional arrangements
  • Liaise with the Examination and Assessment Committee concerning the content of assessments for the Specialty Training Programme
  • To be responsible for the overall structure of the Specialty Training Programme
  • To be responsible for maintaining the standards of trainee progression as set in the Matrix on an annual basis with particular reference to the hurdles set between ST2 and 3 and ST5 and 6
  • Work closely with the Recruitment Officer to maintain an overview of the recruitment of trainees into the specialty and issues arising from Foundation training and to monitor and review statistics and national trends relating to recruitment
  • Support the work of the Foundation Lead on issues relating to the Foundation Programme, Women’s Health resource, careers guidance and promoting the specialty
  • Monitor the quality of the Training Programme across specialty schools and report annually to the GMC
  • Promote best practice in the delivery and management of training programmes
  • Promote consistency in training, education, examination and assessment
  • To review the feedback from the Trainee Evaluation Form and liaise with the Trainees Committee
  • To report ongoing issues in the delivery of training both of a general and individual nature to the Education Board
  • Ensure that a network of communication exists between the Deaneries/LETBs and the College
  • To identify, support and develop new initiatives in the interest of continuous improvement of training
  • To be responsible for revisions to the regulations for the award of the Certificate of the Completion of Training
  • Act as arbiter in cases where a trainee and the Head of School are in disagreement pertaining to the application of the CCT regulations, the award of time for research or applications for ‘out of programme’ experience.
  • Approve applications for the award of the Certificate of Completion of Training and the Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR-CP)


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary Tania Chambers.

Tel: +44 20 7772 6294


The Specialty Education Advisory Committee will include all the Heads of Schools and nominated honorary post holders. The membership will comprise:




Joanna Mountfield

Vice Chair

Jane MacDougall

Vice President for Education

Professor Janice Rymer

Executive Director, Education and Quality

Linda Burke

Senior Director Education & Assessment

Kim Scrivener

Head of Special Education & Training

Bettina Cayetano

Chair, Trainees Committee

Jonathan Frost

Education Lead, Trainees Committee


Chair, Curriculum Committee

Alastair Campbell

Chair, Advanced Training Committee

Sarah Reynolds

Chair, Subspecialty Committee

Professor Mark Kilby

Lead Dean for O&G

Professor Ronald MacVicar

Women’s Network Representative

Mary Twomey

Less than Full Time Adviser

Jennifer Davies

Adviser for Workplace Behaviour

Rachna Bahl

Faculty Development Lead

Sam Mukhopadhyay

Medical Training Initiative (MTI) Officer

Dhiraj Uchil

Foundation Lead

Fiona Clarke

Heads of School for O&G (see below)




Heads of School


Head of School

HEE East of England

Charlotte Patient

HEE Kent Surrey & Sussex

Melanie Tipples

HEE NW (Associate)

Kevin Thomas

HEE North East

Jason Waugh

Northern Ireland

Mary Murnaghan


Euan Kevelighan

HEE South West (Severn)

Johannah Trinder

HEE Wessex

Karen Brackley

HEE South West (Peninsula)

Susan Bates

HEE East Midlands (joint)

Robert Haughney

HEE East Midlands (joint)

Sue Ward

HEE West Midlands

Richard Cartmill

HEE Yorkshire & the Humber

Jacqueline Tay

HEE Thames Valley

Rebecca Black

HEE North West

Fiona Clarke

South East of Scotland

Claire Alexander

East of Scotland

Adam Gordon

West of Scotland

Phil Owen

North of Scotland

Katrina Shearer

London and South East

Greg Ward

London and South East

Sonji Clarke - Deputy Head of School

London North West

Karen Joash/Specialty Lead

London North East & Central

Dilip Visvanathan/Specialty Lead



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