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Trainees’ Committee

Meeting dates (14:00 start)


  • 15 March
  • 12 July
  • 29 November (10.00am start)


Reporting mechanism

The Trainees’ Committee reports to Education Board.


The Trainees’ Committee is a forum for discussion of issues relevant to training in obstetrics and gynaecology as well as wider issues relevant to the profession. The Committee acts as a channel for communication between Trainees and Council and other relevant committees, including outside organisations such as the Academy Trainee Doctors’ Group and the British Medical Association’s Junior Doctors’ Committee. The Trainees’ Committee organises an annual meeting for Trainees, contributes to College newsletters, elects Trainees to sit on Council and asks members to take responsibility for certain areas from time to time.

Additional information

Definition of a Trainee Representative on the Trainees’ Committee

A Trainee who wishes to be elected onto the Trainees’ Committee must be a doctor resident in the British Isles who:

  • Has an NTN and is on the Trainees’ Register; and
  • Has a minimum of 2 years of training (WTE) remaining in respect of their projected CCT date at the time of election

Election of members

The election process starts with a call for nominations, which is sent out to Trainees in the deanery by email. If more than one candidate is nominated, an election takes place by ballot (via an online voting system) organised by the College.

Candidates should be nominated by two Trainees from their deanery; however, self-nomination is acceptable. All Trainees within the deanery are eligible to vote. The Trainee who records the highest number of votes will be elected for a period of 3 years.

Should the elected representative have less than 3 (but more than 2) years remaining in respect of their CCT date, their period of representation will cease on their CCT date.

The Committee will submit nominations to the President for the post of Chair. Tenure of office for the Chair shall be for up to 3 years.

A Trainee appointed to a non-training post during their period of office will be required to demit office at the end of the next Committee meeting.

Elections for vacant posts are listed on Trainees' Committee Elections.


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Tania Chambers
Tel.: +207 772 6294

Trainees' Executive

  • Dr Jonathan Frost – Chair
  • Dr Adalina Sacco – Chair elect
  • Dr Marie O'Sullivan  – Vice Chair for Education
  • Dr Sarah Murray – Vice Chair, Clinical Quality and Inter-specialty Partnership
  • Vice Chair for Strategic Development – Post currently vacant




HE East of England

Dr Subhadeep Roy

East Midlands

Dr Graham Stevenson

HE Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Dr Iranthi Meththananda

London North East/Central

Dr Radha Graham

London North West

Dr Tanya Maric

London Shared Services

Dr Sadiya Mohammad Hussain

HE North West (Mersey)

Dr Amy Hawarden

HE North East

Dr Leo Gurney

HE North West (North Western)

Dr Zoe Thurlwell

HE South West (Severn)

Dr Sarah Quinn

HE South West (Peninsula)

Dr Eleanor Rayner

HE Thames Valley

Dr Sanyal Patel

HE Wessex

Dr Natalie Brown and Dr Abigail Langrish

HE West Midlands

Dr Justin Chu

HE Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Sharon Fan

Northern Ireland

Dr Abdelmageed Abdelrahman

Scotland (North, South and East)

Dr J M Allison MRCOG

Scotland (West)

Dr Roseanna Metcalfe


Dr Lisa Pilkington MRCOG

Republic of Ireland

Dr Rupak Sarkar


Honorary members (non-voting)

  • Dr Reena Aggarwal, ENTOG Rep
  • Dr Michelle Mackintosh, Subspecialty trainees’ rep
  • Dr Robert Kerr, Junior Academic trainees’ rep
  • Dr Bassel Al Wattar, Senior Academic trainees’ rep
  • Dr Phillipa Corson, BJOG rep
  • Dr Matt Prior, BMA rep
  • Dr Elizabeth Thorne, President of the British Undergraduate Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Dr Mary McCauley, Global Health Board

Observers may be invited to attend meetings at the discretion of the Committee.


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