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Diversity policy

Investors in People logo, RCOGThe College recognises the value of having a diverse workforce and aims to ensure our people processes are fair, equitable and free from any form of discrimination. We aim to:

  • Enrich diversity at all levels of the organisation
  • Improve the diversity mix at senior level so that it reflects a more consistent diversity mix throughout the whole organisation
  • Ensure equality of opportunity for all in all employment practises, including recruitment, development, progression, etc.
  • Promote a culture where people from different backgrounds feel welcome and valued
  • Encourage working together so people can benefit from sharing knowledge and experience

Benefits of building a diverse workforce include:

  • Recruiting and retaining people from a wide talent base
  • Having a wider range of resources, skills and ideas among employees
  • Increased creativity and problem solving
  • Learning from each other’s experience and sharing different perspectives
  • Improving the understanding of the needs of the College customers
  • Positive company image as a diverse employer



This guidance applies equally to all College employees, Fellows and Members and anyone acting on behalf of the College. It provides further information on matters relating to equal opportunities and should be read in conjunction with the RCOG equal opportunities policy. The College undertakes regular reviews of practices in these areas to ensure they provide equality of opportunity.



The College is committed to promoting diversity in employment. It welcomes applications from people representing different backgrounds and characteristics, including age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

The College employees will be selected, promoted and treated on the basis of merits and abilities and according to the requirements of the specific job. They will also have equal access to training and development opportunities available at the College.

We aim to ensure that conditions of work, attitudes, behaviours and requirements of management do not lead to employees being disadvantaged, whether directly or indirectly. Any differences in the treatment of individuals must relate to the College’s organisational requirements and priorities.

Training on the College approach to issues around equality and diversity will be provided to all members of staff when joining the College.



This policy applies to all College employees and anyone acting on behalf of the College.

1. All employees

All employees will demonstrate commitment to equality and diversity by:

  • Helping to create and maintain a climate which supports equality of opportunity by treating colleagues fairly and with respect
  • Ensuring that their behaviour is positive, making decisions based on merits rather than acting on assumptions
  • Working together to develop different skills and abilities to make the most of our diversity
  • Displaying behaviour and using the language which shows sensitivity to other people

2. Managers

Managers should ensure that:

  • They promote a culture where individual views are expressed freely and people are valued for their differences
  • They set up and follow fair and equitable processes in all areas of activity within their departments
  • Their staff are aware of this guidance (and related policies)
  • Any breaches of this policy and complaints are dealt with promptly and effectively (in all such cases contact Human Resources)

3. Human Resources

HR is responsible for:

  • Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusiveness
  • Providing advice and guidance to managers and staff on any matters relating to equality and diversity
  • Providing support to any individual who has a concern or suffered from unfair treatment
  • Reviewing the College Equality and Diversity policy

4. Officers, Chairs and others on College business

Those on College business should ensure that:

  • Discriminatory practices do not take place within the College
  • They are aware of this guidance (and related policies)
  • Any breaches and complaints are dealt with quickly and effectively (in all such cases contact Human Resources)



The College monitors the composition of the workforce, and its policies and procedures to ensure the equal opportunities policy is being properly implemented.

Analysis of age, ethnic origin and sex is conducted on an ongoing basis in order to determine to what extent the College workforce reflects the make up of the local community.


Flexible working

The College is committed to creating a culture of openness and inclusiveness. It recognises that depending on individuals’ backgrounds and personal characteristics, people may have different needs in order to better balance their working and personal lives. To help achieve this, the College supports flexible working – please refer to the flexible working policy (on the RCOG intranet) for further details.



Any member of staff or person working at the College, or applying for a post in the College, who consider they have received unequal treatment, may make a complaint to their manager or Human Resources. Please refer to the grievance policy (on the RCOG intranet) for details.

For further advice concerning any aspect of this guidance please contact Human Resources.

Last updated September 2013


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