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Applying for specialty training in O&G

For information about the national recruitment process for specialty training in obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G), please visit the Oriel website.

Key dates for the 2015 national recruitment process into O&G ST1 posts are:

  • Applications open mid-November 2015
  • Applications close mid-December 2015 (approximately 4 weeks later)

Exact dates will be confirmed later in the year.

Information on the number of posts available, interview dates, deanery contact information, competition ratios and FAQs for the 2015/16 recruitment period will be available on the Oriel website from autumn 2015.

Please also explore this section of the RCOG website, which provides useful information for anyone considering a career in O&G.

We also provide guidance for non-UK doctors who are interested in working and training in the UK.

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