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Part 3 MRCOG exam

Everything you need to know about the Part 3 MRCOG exam

If you're an exam candidate, please check this section of the website regularly to keep up to date.

Photo of MRCOG examPhoto of MRCOG examPhoto of MRCOG exam

February 2022: Additional exam diet, priority candidates and eligibility

Read the latest update on the February 2022 Part 3 diet, aimed exclusive at overseas candidates.

Eligibility for the Part 3 MRCOG

To sit the Part 3 MRCOG exam, you must have completed and passed the Part 2 MRCOG and also had your Assessment of Training (AoT) approved.

AoT applications can be submitted at any time, you do not need to wait for your Part 2 result before applying. See full details on the Assessment of Training (AoT)

News and updates

News and updates about the Part 3 exam

Calendar & fees

Part 3 application & exam dates

Venue details

Where & when the Part 3 exam is held

Exam format

Papers and question types


What you need to know in the exam

Revision resources

Resources & guidance to help you prepare

Candidate instructions

Essential information for taking the exam


Important details about booking and taking the exam


Questions & answers about taking the exam

Exam results

When & how we publish results


Find out more

For more information, please read the Part 3 MRCOG FAQs.

If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us on +44 20 7772 6210.


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