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Advanced Professional Module (APM) Academic Educational Supervisor Job description and Person specification

The APM Academic Educational Supervisor is appointed by the Local Education and Training Board / Deanery by submitting an application form (Word document) to the regional ATSM Director.

It is not necessary that the APM Academic Educational Supervisor works in the same unit as the doctor, although both Supervisor and trainee should be in the same region.

Tenure should be 3 years initially and renewed thereafter with no maximum limits.

An APM Academic Educational Supervisor can train a maximum of 3 (three) doctors at any one time.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Take responsibility for maximizing the educational opportunities provided within the region to meet the APM training needs of the trainee.
  • Take responsibility, with the trainee, to record trainee progress using the APM logbook on ePortfolio
  • With the trainee complete the annual feedback form which will feed into the  Educational Supervisor report for the trainee’s ARCP on progress in the APM
  • Ensure that the trainee is able to attend the required training days and courses. Advise ATSM Director if any difficulties arise in providing the APM training.
  • Take responsibility for early liaison with the ATSM Director to facilitate trainee progression if training needs cannot be met.
  • Countersign the form to confirm that training is completed.
  • Take responsibility, with support from ATSM Director.

Person specification

Should ideally have all of the following:

  • Should be a Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist OR experienced Clinical Lecturer
  • Should show some evidence of clinical research training – research degree (MD, PhD) or dedicated research experience.
  • Should have a current GCP certificate
  • Should have been a local Principal Investigator on a multicentre portfolio research study
  • Should be currently certified as an Educational Supervisor (within previous 3 years)

It is preferable to have any of the following:

  • Should have authored/co-authored papers in the previous 3 years.
  • Should have an Honorary Academic Lectureship appointment.

Time required and job planning

The APM Academic Educational Supervisor should have time built into their job plan in order to deliver this training.

The standard amount of SPA time for this role may be difficult to determine as it depends upon the amount of the curriculum the APM Academic Educational Supervisor is responsible for. The APM Academic Educational Supervisor is advised to keep a diary to present at the job planning process in order to determine the individual time required which is unlikely to be less than 0.25 PA per week (1 hour per week).