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Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme

Introduction to the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme and how to apply for the scheme, either as a trainee or an NHS hospital/trust.

If you’re already taking part in the RCOG’s MTI scheme as a trainee or as an NHS hospital/trust, please visit the MTI resources page.

Introduction to the MTI scheme

The MTI scheme allows International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to come to the UK for a maximum of 2 years to train within the National Health Service (NHS).

IMGs benefit greatly from the knowledge, skills and techniques learned within the NHS and can use them to improve the level of patient care in their home country on their return.

In addition, UK hospitals who provide a placement for IMGs benefit from increased workforce capacity and the skills and knowledge that IMGs can share with their UK colleagues.

During the placement, IMGs follow a similar assessment process to UK trainees. The expectations of IMGs in terms of their performance and targets should be based on the same standards as UK trainees at ST2 level initially, until, with support from the hospital, they move to ST3-4 level for the majority of their placement.

Applying for the MTI

Requirements and how to apply for the MTI

Information for UK hospitals

Offering an MTI trainee a post at your hospital

MTI process explained

Information about MTI process, Certificate of Sponsorship and visas

FAQs for doctors

Doctors applying to the RCOG MTI scheme

FAQs for UK hospitals

UK hospitals providing a placement for a MTI doctor

MTI Resources

Resources for trainees and hospitals who are already involved with the MTI scheme

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