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Information for MTI applicants

Information and how to apply for the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme

Applying for the MTI

Applications for MTI 2017 are now closed.

Applications for MTI 2018 open in late November 2017.

Please also read:

Entrance criteria for the RCOG’s MTI scheme

You must meet the following criteria to be considered for selection:

  • You must have passed the Part 1 MRCOG exam.
  • You may hold Part 2 MRCOG exam. If you attempted and failed it, you are still eligible for the MTI scheme.
  • You must not hold the Part 3 MRCOG.
  • You must have a valid International English Language Testing System (IELTS) certificate, IELTS academic, which means:
    • A score of at least 7.0 in each of the four domains of the academic test (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as well as a score of no less than 7.5 overall.
    • If you score less than 7.0 in any of the four domains of the test we will not be able to accept your certificate, even if your combined score overall is 7.5. This score must be achieved within a single sitting and the IELTS certificate must be in date (it has a 2-year validity) on your first day of your employment in the UK. You are requested to provide the IELTS certificate even if your courses were taught in English.
    • For more information, please see the GMC’s website.
    • You can now sign up for a free Understanding IELTS online course to prepare for your language exam.
  • You must have four years of supervised postgraduate practice in O&G which has been approved by the RCOG Examination Department. This process is referred to as ‘Assessment of Training’. You will need to submit the Assessment of Training approval letter as evidence.
  • The Assessment of Training is processed separately by the Examinations Department. The deadline for Assessment of Training for MTI applicants is Friday 1 December 2017. Therefore if you are applying for the MTI scheme in 2018, the deadline to submit your supervised postgraduate practice experience for assessment is by 1 December 2017. There are no exceptions to the deadline. Applications posted on or after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • The MTI scheme is specifically geared towards doctors in training under supervision with fewer than 10 years’ experience of working in the specialty. The focus of training is general, at UK ST level years 3-5, aiming to pass Part 2 MRCOG. Therefore, doctors with more than 10 years’ experience may find that the MTI scheme is not right for them and their professional needs and for this reason we would discourage doctors with this level of experience from applying.
  • You must have no right of residence in the UK, EU, EEA or Switzerland. You must also not be in the UK on the dependant visa.
  • You must not have previously attempted and failed the General Medical Council (GMC) Professional and Linguistics Assessment Board (PLAB) test. If you passed the PLAB test, you are eligible to apply for the MTI.
  • The GMC requires trainees to have been engaged in medical practice for three of the last five years, including the most recent twelve months. Clinical attachments/observerships do not count. Please contact the GMC to clarify any doubts regarding your gaps in employment and your eligibility to be registered as the GMC may consider exceptional cases.

Making an application

As part of your application, you will need to provide the following documentation.

Please clearly state your name and RCOG registration number on each document.

Please also make sure that you send us a complete application followed by all of the required documents.

Forms should be downloaded and emailed to

Forms will be made available when applications open in late November 2017.

  1. Application form
    You must fill in this form, save and e-mail to the MTI together with other application documents.

  2. Two professional references
    You must ask two referees to complete references for you. One of these must be someone who currently supervises your training. Referees should be Members or Fellows of the RCOG but we will accept references from other supervisors should you have problems with contacting Fellows or Members. Please note that the references must be sent to the separately and come directly from the referees.

  3. Interview form
    This must be completed during a face-to-face (or Skype) interview with the Chair of the International Representative Committee in your country (or the country in which you are working). The interview form will be available shortly. Please take this form to your interview and ask the Chair to complete it during your interview. The completed interview form should be sent from the Chair’s office direct to within the deadline. To find the contact details of the Chair in your country please visit the global health community section of the site. You must ensure that you contact the Chair in good time, well before the deadline for applications. Please ensure that you give approximately 3 weeks’ notice to your Chairman and send your CV to them in advance of your appointment so they have full knowledge of your academic and professional experience before your interview. If there is no IRC in your country or you have difficulties in contacting the Chair of your IRC, we will accept Interviews conducted by a Fellow of the RCOG.

  4. Head of department form
    This form should be downloaded and given to your Head of Department to complete. They must then submit the form to us directly (not passing the form back to you) to within the deadline. If you do not have a direct Head of Department, please ask the most senior supervisor in O&G to complete this form. Please note that the HoD must not be one of your two professional referees. Download the HoD form.

  5. Scanned copy of your valid IELTS certificate

  6. Scanned copy of the letter from the RCOG Examination Department confirming assessment of training for the Part 2 MRCOG.

  7. Scanned copy of your passport


Please save your IELTS certificate, assessment of training letter and the copy of your passport as well as all of the proofs of courses, certificates, publications etc. as PDF files and combine all into a PDF bundle if possible. You can also send a Word Document bundle of these documents.

  • Make sure you send all of these documents in ONE e-mail and in correct format, preferably as a bundle.
  • Emails with separate documents, pictures or documents in any different format will not be picked up.

Please save the bundle and send directly to with the title:
MTI Application _ [your name] _ [your RCOG registration number]

Checklist for complete MTI application

  • PDF/Word document bundle of:
    • Application Form
    • Assessment of Training letter
    • IELTS score sheet
    • Passport copy
    • Certificates, publications, additional attachments
  • Head of department form – sent to MTI directly from the HoD
  • Interview Form – sent to MTI by the IRC Chair/FRCOG interviewer
  • 2 professional references – sent to MTI directly by supervisors

Further important information

  • We must receive all aspects of your application by 8 February 2017 for your application to be eligible for assessment by our MTI Selection Panel. Any incomplete applications after 8 February 2017 will not be assessed.
  • There is no flexibility in the criteria for the scheme. All applicants must ensure they obtain the correct IELTS score and have the required amount of postgraduate training with no gaps in employment in the last 12 months.
  • Complete applications which meet the full criteria will be taken forward for assessment by the Selection Panel in late February 2017.
  • You will not be contacted until your application is marked by the assessment panel. Please do not enquire about the confirmation of the receipt of the application. We receive an incredibly high number of applications and cannot respond to individual enquiries regarding the application and assessment process.
  • After the assessment has taken place, all eligible candidates will be informed about the outcome whether they have been successful or not.

General information

  • Candidates who are successful can expect to start their placements in the UK around August/September 2017. Occasionally the start date will differ but candidates will receive full information.
  • Successful candidates will be guided through the steps of GMC registration and visa application. Therefore, please do not enquire about this before finding out if you have been successful.
  • We run one round of applications per year. Therefore, applications will re-open after this round in November 2017.
  • Placements on the MTI scheme are paid. The salary that the MTI doctor receives is in line with trainees at a similar level in the UK. Some hospitals take prior international experience into account and some do not. This is at the discretion of the hospital and not the RCOG.
  • Read information for doctors coming on unpaid advanced level training schemes.