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CPD is changing

The College has developed a new CPD Framework following the recommendations of ‘Tomorrow’s Specialist’ and GMC CPD guidance. This new CPD programme will move beyond simply recording medical educational activities to support career development and personal job satisfaction, recognise wider professional roles, and align more effectively with appraisal and revalidation.

Why is CPD changing?

The College wants to ensure that its CPD programme:

  • reflects modern ways of learning
  • supports learning in non-technical skills, eg patient safety, human factors, communication, team working
  • includes wider professional roles, e.g. leadership, management, academic, educationalist
  • supports future specialists’ careers, which will be more variable and more ‘portfolio’ based
  • supports post CCT training and development

What will be changing?

Your CPD will be:

  • planned by you to meet your learning goals
  • relevant to your learning needs, roles and service
  • flexible to suit your preferred style of learning
  • reflective to help you learn from experience
  • broad so that you can keep up to date, develop new skills and record your non-technical skills
  • outcome focused: it will allow you to show how you use your learning

What are the benefits of new CPD Programme?

The new CPD programme:

  • supports self-directed learning
  • encourages balance across areas of practice
  • makes reflection easier
  • includes patient and peer feedback for learning
  • captures the outcomes of CPD

Will there be a new CPD ePortfolio?

Yes, a new, easy to use, mobile friendly CPD ePortfolio is being developed to meet the needs of RCOG CPD participants.  It will be a resource for learning – not just a record of events.

What is the timeline for the launch of the new CPD programme and ePortfolio?

We expect to launch the new CPD ePortfolio in spring 2019.

Will the new CPD ePortfolio be available to international Fellows, Members and Associates?

Yes.  And the new CPD programme will continue to be a benefit for UK and international Fellows, Members and Associates.

Watch this space

We will share more information with you in the coming months…

Contact details

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the CPD Office:

Zoë Slade – 020 7772 6283
Valeria Ferrante – 020 7772 6307