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The RCOG produces guidelines as an aid to good clinical practice. Our guidelines present recognised methods and techniques for clinical practice, based on published evidence, for consideration by obstetricians/gynaecologists and other relevant health professionals. Find out more about the different types of guideline we publish.

All guidelines on this website are current and remain so until replaced. Find out how to access previous versions of guidelines.

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Management of twin and triplet pregnancies in the antenatal period (NICE clinical guideline 129)
This clinical guideline offers evidence-based advice on the care of women with multiple pregnancies (twins and triplets) in the antenatal period. It should be read in conjunction with Antenatal care (NICE clinical guideline 62).
Published 01/09/2011
Autism diagnosis in children and young people (NICE clinical guideline 128)
This guideline covers the recognition, referral and diagnosis of autism in children and young people from birth up to 19 years.
Published 01/09/2011
Sickle Cell Disease in Pregnancy, Management of (Green-top Guideline No. 61)
This guideline describes the management of pregnant women with sickle cell disease, including preconceptual screening and antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal management.
Published 26/08/2011
Out-of-hours cover for consultants who do not perform major gynaecological surgery (Safety Alert No. 1)
Information from the RCOG’s Safety and Quality Committee.
Published 09/08/2011
Providing Equity of Critical and Maternity Care for the Critically Ill Pregnant or Recently Pregnant Woman
This guideline has now been archived. Please see the RCoA guideline Care of the sick woman in childbirth: Guidelines for Maternal Critical Care.
Published 31/07/2011
High Quality Women’s Health Care
This report looks at how NHS women’s health services could be configured to provide high-quality, safe and timely care.
Published 13/07/2011
Ovarian Cancer, Optimum Surgery in Advanced-stage (Scientific Impact Paper No. 25)
This paper discusses the role and value of optimum surgery in the management of advanced-stage ovarian cancer.
Published 24/06/2011
Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, The Use of (Scientific Impact Paper No. 26)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived.
Published 24/06/2011
Cardiac Disease and Pregnancy (Good Practice No. 13)
This document has been archived. Please refer to the European Society of Cardiology guideline Cardiovascular Diseases during Pregnancy (Management of) Guidelines.
Published 22/06/2011
Management of Women with Mental Health Issues during Pregnancy and the Postnatal Period (Good Practice No. 14)
This document provides guidance on the diagnosis and management of postnatal depression.
Published 09/06/2011