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Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and pregnancy

Published: 24/07/2020

The impact of new evidence and changes in policy on the published guidance is reviewed on a weekly basis.

The document above is for healthcare professionals. We have also prepared information for pregnant women and their families, drawn from this guidance:

Information for pregnant women and their families

Q&As relating to this guidance - updated Friday 31 July 2020

Occupational health advice for employers and pregnant women

Version 3.3 - updated Friday 31 July 2020

A note on this guidance:

The RCOG, RCM & FOM joint occupational health advice for employers and pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic was written for implementation at the peak of the pandemic. National policy on social distancing and shielding has significantly shifted since then, and varies regionally. This guidance is therefore no longer current.

Our clinical advice for pregnant women on the risk and potential implications of being severely affected by COVID-19, particularly affecting those who are at 28 weeks' gestation or above, still stands.

However, specific guidance on how and when pregnant women can safely work should be advised on a individual basis, following employer-led workplace and indvidual risk assessments.

The RCOG recommends that employers use the clinical advice (above) when performing mandatory risk assessments for their pregnant employees, along with other sector-specific advice published on the UK government, Working safely during Coronavirus (COVID-19) and NHS Employers websites.

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This guidance will be updated on a regular basis as new data becomes available.

If you would like to suggest additional areas for this guidance to cover, any clarifications required or to submit new evidence for consideration, please email


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