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Maternity Dashboard: Clinical Performance and Governance Score Card (Good Practice No. 7)

Published: 01/01/2008

This is the first edition of this guidance.

In addition to the full document (above), you can also download the example score card (Appendix 1) as a separate PDF.

The purpose of this guidance is to urge all maternity units to consider the use of the Maternity Dashboard to plan and improve their maternity services.

The Maternity Dashboard serves as a clinical performance and governance score card to monitor the implementation of the principles of clinical governance on the ground. This may help to identify patient safety issues in advance so that timely and appropriate action can be instituted to ensure a woman-centred, high-quality, safe maternity care.

The use of the Maternity Dashboard has been shown to be beneficial in monitoring performance and governance to reassure the ‘health’ of maternity units and was recommended by the Chief Medical Officer in his 2006 Annual Report.