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Green-top Guidelines in BJOG

This page provides information about the development to publish the RCOG Green-top Guidelines as part of BJOG.

From November 2016, new and updated RCOG Green-top Guidelines will be published via BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. All Green-top Guidelines are still available via the RCOG website's Guidelines page and RCOG Guidelines app. The College has made this decision to maximise the dissemination of the guidelines and take advantage of the digital features available from the journal.

Why are we making this change?

We can enhance:

  • the discoverability of guidelines with their inclusion in top scholarly search engines such as PubMed and Google Scholar, as well as retaining the current RCOG website search function
  • the readability and accessibility of guidelines by providing an HTML, mobile-optimised version of the guidelines via the RCOG website and BJOG
  • the global dissemination of guidelines via the international readership of BJOG (85% downloads in 2015 were from outside of the UK)
  • the academic gravitas of guidelines by being published in a top 10 OBGYN journal.

Frequently asked questions

How do I access the Green-top Guidelines?

The Green-top Guidelines can still be accessed in the usual way via the RCOG website and Guidelines app. There will be no change in the search function of the RCOG website or appearance of the guideline webpages. From a particular guideline page, you will now have the option to access an online (HTML) version or an enhanced PDF version. We recommend accessing the online version as it will adapt to the screen size of the device you are using.

New and updated guidelines will also be available via PubMed and Google Scholar. However, we recommend that you use the RCOG website search tool or Guidelines app to search the full portfolio of guidelines, as it will take some time for them all to be available via PubMed and Google Scholar.

Will the Guidelines app still be updated?

Yes, all new and updated Green-top Guidelines will continue to be uploaded to the Guidelines app.

Will I need my RCOG member login to access Green-top Guidelines?

No, Green-top Guidelines will continue to be free to view and no RCOG member login is required to access them.

Do I need to search for some guidelines via BJOG and some via the RCOG website?

No, all guidelines are fully searchable via the RCOG website. You will automatically be taken to BJOG (without the need for a login) for guidelines which have been published in the journal.

Are Green-top Guidelines now available on the BJOG app?

Yes, new and updated guidelines will also be available on the BJOG app as soon as they are published online. However, as noted above, it is only new and updated guidelines which will be available, rather than the full portfolio.

Are all Green-top Guidelines now in BJOG?

No, this change is in effect from November 2016 and only new and updated guidelines will be published in BJOG. It will take approximately 5 years for all guidelines to be available via BJOG.