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Thalassaemia in Pregnancy, Management of Beta (Green-top 66)

Published: 27/03/2014

This is the first edition of this guideline.

Update May 2018: The British Society for Haematology have agreed to take over and update this guideline. This version will remain valid until the publication of new guidance by BSH.

In this guideline, thalassaemia major women are those who require more than seven transfusion episodes per year and thalassaemia intermedia women are those needing seven or fewer transfusion episodes per year or those who are not transfused. Women who are thalassaemia carriers do not require transfusion.

This guideline includes preconceptual, antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal management and contraception in both primary and secondary care settings. It does not cover screening, as the British Committee for Standards in Haematology has published guidelines for screening and diagnosis of thalassaemias.