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Fertility-sparing Treatments in Gynaecological Cancers (Scientific Impact Paper No. 35)

Published: 01/02/2013

This is the first edition of this Scientific Impact Paper.

Update July 2015: New evidence and guidance in this field were reviewed in 2014 and it was decided that revision of this guideline would be deferred to a later date. The version available on the website will remain valid until replaced.

The need to consider fertility-sparing treatment for women with gynaecological malignancy has gone up over the years as women are increasingly delaying conception. In the UK, there are annually over 1000 women with cervical cancer, 120 with endometrial cancer and over 500 with ovarian cancer before the age of 45.

Management of these women is complex and requires input from a multidisciplinary team. This paper emphasises the importance of women receiving accurate information in order for them to make informed decisions, as sometimes the balance between chances of compromising survival and preserving fertility is a fine one.

This paper looks at cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancer and also assisted conception when fertility-sparing surgery may not be appropriate.