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Menopause and women’s health in later life

Group of women in mid-lifeWelcome to our information hub about women’s health around the menopause and beyond, addressing topics women have told us are most important at this stage of life and directing you to resources to support self-care and your conversations with healthcare professionals.  


General information about the menopause

HRT and alternatives

Hormone replacement therapy and other treatments


Osteoporosis and the menopause, including treatments

Mood changes and depression

Differences between low mood and depression, symptoms and treatments


What to expect from a hysterectomy, and information to support recovery

Sex and relationships

Relationships and sexual health during and after the menopause

Pelvic organ prolapse

Prolapse problems after the menopause and treatment options

Incontinence and bladder problems

Preventing, managing and treating bladder problems and urinary incontinence

Gynaecological cancers

Cervical, ovarian, vaginal, vulval and womb (endometrial or uterine) cancer

Breast cancer

Sources of information and support for people affected by breast cancer

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