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Information about abortion care

Published: 28/02/2012

This information is for you if you are considering having an abortion. It tells you:

  • How you can access abortion services
  • The care you can expect
  • The different abortion procedures you may be offered.

This information aims to help you and your healthcare team make the best decisions about your care. It may help you in deciding whether abortion is right for you. It is not meant to replace advice from a doctor or nurse about your own situation.

This information is based on the RCOG guideline The Care of Women Requesting Induced Abortion and the Clinical Guidelines for Early Medical Abortion at Home – England produced by the RCOG, FSRH and BSACP.

Early Medical Abortion at home – England

Guidance for healthcare professionals in England who provide care for women considering early medical abortion at home (EMA).

Women from Northern Ireland

Information for women travelling from Northern Ireland to access abortion care

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