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Beta thalassaemia and pregnancy

Published: 16/02/2015

This information is for you or if you have beta thalassaemia major or intermedia and would like to know more about what this means in pregnancy. It may also be helpful for partners, relatives or friends of someone who has beta thalassaemia.

The information tells you:

  • What thalassaemias are; the cause; and the difference between beta thalassaemia major, intermedia and being a carrier
  • Important things people living with beta thalassaemia should think about before becoming pregnant
  • What the risks are to someone living with beta thalassaemia and their baby during pregnancy and what extra care they will receive
  • Information about labour and after birth for mother and baby
  • Information about breastfeeding when you have beta thalassaemia

This patient information leaflet was developed by the RCOG Patient Information Committee. It is based on the RCOG clinical guideline Management of Beta Thalassaemia in Pregnancy, which includes a full list of the sources of evidence we used.

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