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When your baby dies before birth

Published: 02/07/2012

February 2019: Minor edits published

Being told that your baby has died before birth is devastating. The grief experienced by parents, and by close relatives and friends, is also extremely distressing. You and your family will be given considerable support by your midwives and doctors; however, it can be hard to take in all the information given to you at this time and therefore it is often helpful to have it in writing as well.

This information helps to explain the care you will receive during and after the birth of your baby, and care in future pregnancies. It does not cover everything related to the longer-term emotional support you may need.

Sands, the stillbirth and neonatal death charity, offers support to anyone affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth. You can find a range of booklets offering emotional support and practical information in the Sands Family Support Pack.

If at any time you feel uncertain about anything, the healthcare professionals looking after you will be there to help.

This information is based on the RCOG clinical guideline Late Intrauterine Fetal Death and Stillbirth.

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