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Your baby’s movements in pregnancy

Published: 13/08/2012

Minor updates published: February 2019

This information is for you if you would like to know about your baby’s movements during pregnancy. It may also be helpful if you are concerned that your baby has not been moving as much as usual or feel that your baby’s movements have changed.

It tells you about:

  • What are normal movements for the unborn baby
  • What affects how much you feel your baby move
  • What you should do if your baby’s movements are reduced or changed
  • What care you will have if your baby’s movements are reduced or changed

This information aims to help you and your healthcare team make the best decisions about your care. It is not meant to replace advice from a doctor or midwife about your own situation.

This information is based on the RCOG clinical guideline Reduced Fetal Movements.

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