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RCOG Public Register of Fellows and Members

We publish details of the names, countries and admission dates of all current RCOG Fellows and Members.

Members of the College are fully qualified doctors who have passed all parts of the RCOG membership exam and who are entitled to use the letters MRCOG after their name.

The award of the Fellowship is a mark of senior status that implies a continued contribution to the specialty of obstetrics and gynaecology and the maintenance of standards and practice.

We provide this list for the benefit of the public, in particular so patients can be reassured that their consultant is legitimately associated with the College.

If you're currently being treated by a doctor who claims to be a Fellow or Member of the College but who isn’t on this list, please email the RCOG immediately at or call us on +44 20 7772 6296.

RCOG Public Register of Fellows and Members
RCOG Public Register of Fellows and Members [PDF]

Please note that the doctors named on this list aren’t recommendations by the RCOG, but are merely professionally endorsed by the fact that they are qualified and are currently associated with the College as a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology. We don’t provide any contact or practice details.

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