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Vasa Praevia: Diagnosis and Management (Green-top Guideline 27b)
This guideline describes the diagnostic modalities and ... reviews the evidence-based approach to the clinical management of pregnancies complicated by vasa praevia.
Knowledge Area 7 – Management of labour
knowledge, clinical skills and professional values for the provision of high-quality and safe patient-centred care 6: The doctor takes ... biochemistry and endocrinology of parturition, including maturation of the fetal endocrine system, the influence of hormones on signalling
Assigning risk status at the onset of labour
reviewing the reports was the quality of assessment of risk for mothers and their babies at the start of labour.   By incorrectly assigning ... to a low-risk pathway, maternity providers limit the intensity of fetal monitoring that the baby receives and may be caring for a
Delay in expediting delivery once fetal compromise is identified or suspected
  Situation A mother attended with spontaneous rupture of membranes and raised blood pressure. Thick meconium was noted to ... antenatal chronic hypoxia, there was evidence of fetal distress on the CTG in the presence of thick meconium, but this was not acted upon
Following NICE guidance with regards to the practice of intermittent auscultation
minute after a contraction every 15 minutes in the first stage of labour and at least every 5 minutes in the second stage.[i]   ... mother attended in labour at 9 cm dilatation. Her membranes had ruptured spontaneously and the liquor was blood-stained. She was reassessed
Post-labour events
  Cause identified in review Number of babies Neonatal collapse 12 Unexplained 6 Congenital alveolar ... Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn 1 Pulmonary haemorrhage – cause unknown 1 Ruptured arteriovenous malformation
Established-labour events
Cause identified in review Number of babies Difficult delivery (e.g. shoulder dystocia, second twin, unsuccessful instrumental ... A low-risk mother presented to her local birthing unit in spontaneous labour after a prolonged latent phase. Labour progressed well
Medical terms explained
This alphabetical list contains explanations of medical words you may come across on the RCOG website or when you see your doctor ... The tummy area from the lower ribs to the pelvis. Abdominal Of the abdomen. Abortion Ending a pregnancy using either medicines

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