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SAS Week Day 4 | SAS advocate role and SAS wellbeing

With his experience working in both the UK and Ghana, Dr Mike Togobo wants to help his fellow SAS doctors recognise the wealth of opportunities available to them.

He currently sits on the RCOG SAS and LED Committee as the representative for Yorkshire and Humber and wants to spend his term in office raising awareness around specialty and specialist doctors.

Dr Mike Togobo

"I want to encourage people that this is a positive career choice and galvanise the SAS and LED community so that they can flourish."

After completing his medical training at Kwame Nkrumah University in Ghana, Dr Michael Togobo returned to the UK and entered the O&G training programme in the West Yorkshire deanery. However, after considering what was best for his family, he decided to step out of the programme, taking up an LED post and later securing a SAS contract.

Choosing the SAS pathway has allowed Mike to develop his career at his own pace in a familiar unit, whilst also balancing family commitments. He is now keen to facilitate a strong community of SAS and LE doctors both in his clinical work and in his role as a regional representative on the RCOG SAS and LED Committee.

As SAS and LED representative for the Yorkshire and Humber region, Mike has made it his mission to raise awareness of what the SAS role entails. He feels that improving understanding, not just among LE doctors, but also among consultants, doctors in training and medical students is a priority.

"I want to encourage people that this is a positive career choice and galvanise the SAS and LED community so that they can flourish."

Mike's career is proof that SAS doctors can indeed flourish in the specialty. He has led labour wards, been a clinical supervisor, is an associate clinical tutor for medical students, and has undertaken managerial positions.

In addition to these responsibilities, Mike has also trained as an educational supervisor, is a medical school entry panellist, and currently sits on the RCOG Global Health Board and regional trainees' committee.

Mike has also completed advanced training skills modules (ATSMs) in Advanced Labour Ward Practice and Benign Gynaecology Hysteroscopy. He feels there is an abundance of opportunities outside the traditional trainee-consultant pathway and hopes he can help other SAS doctors to recognise this.

"It’s a different way of doing things but it provides you with the choice. Landing the SAS contract worked well with my family life and allowed me to continue the career I wanted. You can experience all aspects of O&G."

One way to ensure that SAS doctors thrive is by providing them with the right support. The BMA, AoMRC and RCOG have been important sources of guidance for Mike throughout his career.

Another vital source has come from speaking with SAS and LE doctors at his trust. Senior SAS doctors have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and a deep understanding of how their units operate.

In addition, colleagues within the multidisciplinary team can provide support by recognising the important role that SAS doctors play in the workforce.

"SAS and LE doctors need to know that the support is there if they look for it, both inside and outside their hospital."
Wellbeing resources

There are a wide range of wellbeing resources available to support SAS doctors and LEDs. Please see the below links for further information:

Please see below the wellbeing resources for all doctors:

In addition to the above resources, your unit may have other contacts that can provide support such as a SAS tutor, SAS lead and SAS advocate.

SAS week

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