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We’re committed to giving healthcare workers the skills training and opportunities they need to excel.

The RCOG, in collaboration with other Royal Colleges, have put together the following resources and tools to help navigate workplace issues and foster positive work environments.

Levelling the playing field:

RCOG differential attainment, race and racism report (2023)

The RCOG is committed to working towards racial equity in the UK, through listening to our membership, raising awareness and sharing examples of good practice that can overcome differential attainment and workplace discrimination.

This paper summarises the findings of focus groups with RCOG membership ranging in seniority and ethnic background from across the UK. It also showcases examples of targeted individual support, departmental initiatives and national strategies that are making a difference.

Note: This report can be accessed by RCOG members when you sign into your online account.  

Read the report

Workplace behaviour toolkit

Everyone deserves to work in a positive and inclusive environment. Our behaviours are vital to creating these spaces and to ensuring that our peers feel respected and able to progress.

To support the maintenance of good workplace cultures within O&G, we have created the Workplace Behaviour Toolkit. It’s made up of 8 modules which are designed to:

  • Provide guidance for dealing with poor workplace behaviours
  • Strengthen your skills and confidence in 'speaking up'
  • Promote an understanding of how poor behaviour impacts individuals, teams, organisations and, importantly, our patients