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MTI Buddying scheme

We are looking for buddy volunteers for the RCOG MTI scheme

What is the MTI scheme in a nutshell?

The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a philanthropic ‘learn and return’ scheme.

It is designed to enable up to 1,500 International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) from developing countries to come to the UK each year to train in the NHS system for up to 24 months in their chosen medical specialty, before returning back home to use the skills and knowledge they have used to improve healthcare back in their home countries.

RCOG MTI Scheme trainees will start at ST2 level for a short period whilst they acclimatise to working in the NHS, typically this is for 3-6 months.

Once they are competent and able to perform independently they will then step up to registrar level and spend the rest of their time in training at ST3-5 working to meet the competencies in the RCOG MTI Training Matrix over those 2 years.

Who can volunteer as a buddy?

Buddies must be UK trainees currently working in the NHS.

We would welcome applications from those who are committed to supporting these doctors for 2 years.

This includes ST3-6 level trainees, SST Trainees, Trust Grade doctors and Clinical Fellows as well as previous MTI trainees in the UK.

How much work is involved?

We would anticipate no more than 1-2 hours a month. Catch ups / check ins can take any format: in person e.g. grabbing a coffee together, online e.g. Teams/Skype/Zoom, by phone, by email, by whatsapp. Read more about the role

Who will I be matched with?

We will aim to match you with an MTI trainee who will be training in the same Region as you but another hospital.

How would buddying benefit me?

Buddying is a mutually beneficial experience, here are some of the positives you can expect to take away:

  • Gain experience in mentoring
  • Opportunity to demonstrate and develop managerial and leadership skills. Two of the top five attributes of a successful manager, communication and support, are also components for a successful buddy relationship
  • Share experiences and learn from each other. Benefit from an opportunity to increase their understanding and knowledge of international healthcare
  • A sense of fulfilment from helping others and hopefully make a new friend
  • A certificate for your portfolio

How does buddying benefit MTI trainees?

Transitioning to life in the UK is a huge step, many MTI may feel lonely and isolated when they first arrive and experience huge culture shock so it’s vital to provide a peer support network to help them with settling in and acclimatising to working in NHS and living in the UK. This is where the MTI Scheme buddies come in.

Here’s what our current MTI trainees had to say on how the buddying scheme has helped them:

“My buddy was very helpful even before I started the post in giving me directions how to reach my City from the airport during the COVID pandemic.”

“My MTI buddy made me feel welcome and briefed me about the trust and helped me to settle in.”

“My MTI buddy is really supportive and he helped me at every step. He introduced me to eportfolio and how to write CBD. He also guided me about the courses I should attend. He is very approachable and responsive.”

“Really helped me to settle down initially.”

“I can contact my buddy anytime and ask for help.”

Sounds great – how do I sign up?

Read more about the role and further information.

To sign up, please complete the MTI buddying registration form (Word doc 37kb) and send to

Once we have matched you with an MTI trainee we will email to introduce you to one another.