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ATSM Director: job description

The ATSM Director is appointed by the School Board/STC of obstetrics and gynaecology. They are responsible for ensuring the educational opportunities and environment within their Deanery/Region meet the GMC and RCOG standards.

The ATSM Director will be aware of all training opportunities within the region and will coordinate the trainee attachments, ensuring all trainees can fulfil their ATSM training objectives. This individual must take responsibility for the quality management, standards and delivery of training of all ATSMs. This will be achieved by empowering the ATSM Preceptors to ensure the standards are delivered for their allocated ATSM(s). Good liaison with ATSM Preceptors is vital and it is suggested that regular meetings are established at deanery level.

The method by which any individual ATSM Director will undertake their role is dependent upon the size of the deanery and the communication links. It is recommended that the ATSM Director provides guidance that is widely available to trainees regarding:

  • the availability of ATSMs in the region
  • the region’s preferred selection process
  • what should happen if requests for an ATSM exceed the region’s training capacity.

ATSM training is open to training and non-training grades; however, it is acknowledged that as national training number (NTN) holders require two ATSMs for Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) registration, these trainees will be given priority when training opportunities exist.

The ATSM Director can also be an ATSM Preceptor, ATSM Educational Supervisor or both. This educational role should be appointed in open competition as per deanery processes.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Oversee and coordinate ATSM training for training and non-training grades across a deanery/region.
  • Be the contact point within the region for the School Board/STC, ATSM Preceptors, ATSM Educational Supervisors and College Tutors in all matters related to ATSM training.
  • Be a member of, and report to, the region’s School Board/STC.
  • Take responsibility, with the aid of the ATSM Preceptors, for assessing the region’s capacity for the delivery of ATSMs and deciding which ATSMs will be offered.
  • Liaise with the ATSM Preceptors and College Tutors to develop ATSM training programmes. Take responsibility for appointing and supporting ATSM Preceptors.
  • Take responsibility for completing the ATSM forms that are sent to the College by the trainee. Take responsibility for overseeing the provision and quality assurance of ATSM training.
  • Take responsibility for preparing material required for quality assurance by the local SchoolBoard/STC and the GMC. Provide ATSM career advice.
  • Take responsibility, with support from the ATSM Preceptor, ATSM Educational Supervisor and College Tutor as necessary, for responding to the needs of trainees in difficulty.
  • Keep up to date with RCOG standards in education, new educational initiatives and changes to theATSM curriculum and assessment.
  • Communicate with the RCOG to provide feedback on the curriculum, implementation and delivery of the ATSM modules within your deanery.
  • Attend the ATSM Directors’ meeting at the RCOG, which is held at least annually.
  • Cascade ATSM-related information from the RCOG to ATSM Preceptors and ATSM Educational Supervisors.

Person specification

Essential characteristics

  • Be a consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology. Be an RCOG Fellow or Member.
  • Have experience as an educational supervisor.
  • Have experience of postgraduate education and training.
  • Be a prior/current member of the School Board or equivalent training committee. Be CPD-maintained (name on CPD roll), if eligible.
  • Be appointed jointly by the Deanery (Head of School/Chair STC on behalf of Postgraduate Dean andNHS services representative).
  • Have managerial/organisational skills.
  • Have awareness of quality management principles. Agree to work within the terms of the job description. Encourage trainees to undertake RCOG and GMC survey. Be trained in equality and diversity.
  • Undergo annual appraisal of educational role as per Deanery and NHS processes.

Desirable characteristics

  • Have training in postgraduate medical education.
  • Have experience of organising training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Duration of appointment

  • 3 years initially.
  • Optional renewal for a maximum of a further 3 years.

Time required and job planning

It is essential that time is allocated within the job plan of the ATSM Director. The time required will be additional supporting professional activities (SPA) time and the RCOG recommends 1 PA for this role. This requirement would be in addition to any that of other educational roles.