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British Menopause Society (BMS)

BMS logoWho we are

The British Menopause Society (BMS) provides education, information and guidance to healthcare professionals specialising in all aspects of post reproductive health. Womens’ Health Concern (WHC) became the patient arm of the BMS in 2012. It provides an independent service to advise, reassure and educate women of all ages about their health, wellbeing and lifestyle concerns.

What we do

Our mission is to increase awareness of post-reproductive health issues, and to promote optimal management through lectures, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and publications, including our journal Post Reproductive Health (formerly Menopause International).

The challenge of post-reproductive health management is increasing. As most British women can expect more than 30 years of post-reproductive life, the consequences for immediate and long-term healthcare are significant. We are committed to increasing awareness of these healthcare issues and promoting optimal clinical management of the menopause and beyond.

Our Medical Advisory Council comprises the leading international experts in post-reproductive health management, who are instrumental in instigating scientific research and creating consensus statements and guidelines for health professionals.

Although primarily a professional organisation, the BMS website includes information aimed at the general public, including a number of factsheets on various aspects of the menopause.

The Society also aims to develop links to other similar societies based in different geographical locations.

In particular, the Society seeks to:

  • Disseminate knowledge
  • Promote research and audit
  • Encourage the interface with industry to promote technological advances
  • Establish good quality training programmes
  • Encourage development of clinical guidelines

How we do this

This is achieved through an annual programme of lectures, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and our interactive website. We offer a range of publications including our quarterly journal Post Reproductive Health and the definitive handbook Management of the Menopause.

WHC offers unbiased information – by telephone, email, printed fact sheets, online and through symposia, seminars, meetings and workshops, including Living and loving well beyond 40…! and Below the belt …!

Contact us

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Address: Spracklen House, Dukes Place, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 2QH

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