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The CESR(CP), or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration – Combined Programme, is the route to specialist registration for doctors who were appointed above ST1 level to a GMC-approved training programme since 1 August 2007, who at point of entry into the programme wish to count time spent in previous non-GMC-approved posts.

Who’s eligible to apply for a CESR(CP)?

Any trainee who entered the specialty training programme from August 2007 onwards who has not spent 100% of their training in GMC-approved posts should use the CESR(CP) route.

The RCOG recommends that the highest grade of entry into the CESR(CP) route is ST5. This ensures that trainees following the CESR(CP) route will complete their training in a GMC-approved programme.

How do I register for CESR(CP)?

On appointment to a numbered trainee post, you’ll need to complete the RCOG’s CESR(CP) form (PDF, 186 kb) to document your previous experience in non-GMC-approved posts. Your LETB will then send this form to the RCOG. On receipt of the form, the RCOG will issue an enrolment letter. Once the LETB receives this they will apply to the GMC, who will formally confirm your application route.

How do I apply for a CESR(CP)?

When you have completed your training and have been issued with an Outcome 6 form, please complete the CESR(CP) notification form and return to the college with the following documents: 

  • Copies of all RITAs/ARCPs for each year of training
  • Confirmation of successful completion of two ATSMs (this does not apply to subspecialty trainees)
  • RITAs/ARCPS/evidence of successful progression for any LAT/FTTA/SHO posts you’re counting towards your training
  • CESR (CP) form and GMC confirmation of CP route – if you cannot supply these documents you will need to submit evidence of any non-GMC posts you’re counting towards your training
  • Evidence of GMC approval of any time out of programme (OOPT) you’re counting towards your training
  • An up-to-date CV

You’ll also need to complete an online GMC form. The link to this form will be emailed to you by the GMC. If you have not received this please let us know.

How should I manage trainees on the CESR(CP) route?

Please read the RCOG’s advice for Heads of Schools on how to manage trainees on the CESR(CP) route.

Find out more

For additional information, please read the RCOG’s FAQs about the CESR(CP) or visit the GMC website.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, please email the Policy Coordinator (Quality) or call +44 20 7772 6294.

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