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Harold Malkin Prize

We are delighted to offer 2 prizes: 2nd prize £150, 1st prize £250.



Open to pre-CCT RCOG Members and those on the RCOG Trainees’ Register in the UK or Republic of Ireland. The prize is awarded to the applicants who demonstrate the best original work while being of a Specialty Trainee grade in a hospital in the UK or Republic of Ireland.



If joint authorship is involved then the candidate must identify their personal involvement in the publication. The record of work can be submitted by way of:

  1. An original manuscript, adequately referenced and written in a format comparable to that used for submission to BJOG at
  2. By means of a reprint of the published article (the published article must have been published within the last two years at the time of application).

Reprints or manuscripts should be accompanied by a letter (max 400 words) describing the involvement of the applicant and the post held when undertaking the research project.

This letter must be signed by the Head of Academic Department and/or Research Supervisor.


How to apply

Please complete the online application via Oxford Abstracts.

This application is hosted by Oxford Abstracts platform.

Please register for an account using your email address.

For further guidance on how to submit your application, please see Oxford Abstracts' guidance on making a submission.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 13 May 2021. 


How your application will be judged

Your application will be assessed on the following:

  • Research question
  • Literature review
  • Critical discussion
  • Clinical relevance
  • Level of Involvement
  • References


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