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How to book the Part 1 MRCOG exam

How to apply and book your place on the Part 1 MRCOG exam

RCOG account

To take RCOG exams, you must have an RCOG account.

If you have already taken an RCOG exam, you already have an account. It's essential to use the same account so that we can keep all your information in the same place. Sign in here

If you are not sure if you have an account, try the reset password process using any email address(es) you may have used to create your account.

If you are sure you have never had an account with the RCOG, you can create a new account:

  • When creating your account, please enter "Dr" as your Title.
    This is not essential for your application.
    We ask this so that our automatic emails will begin "Dear Dr".
  • Write your first name (given name) and your last name (family name) the way they are written on your degree certificate.
  • Keep a note of your RCOG account number (6 digits), and the email address you used to create your account.


To take the Part 1 MRCOG exam, you must be eligible.

For new, first-time candidates, this means submitting a complete eligibility application and having it approved.

Resit candidates are already eligible, and do not need to complete another eligibility application.

Read full details and apply for eligibility

Booking process

There are 3 stages to the booking process. See dates and deadlines for each exam on Part 1 MRCOG: exam calendar and fees.

1. Expression of Interest

Candidates must submit a completed Expression of Interest form before the deadline.

Read full details and submit an expression of interest

2. Book into a country location

Candidates who have approved eligibility and have submitted an Expression of Interest form will receive a booking token.

A booking token does not guarantee a place on the next exam, just an opportunity to book into available spaces when the booking window opens.

At this stage, candidates will have the option to book an exam in a country location that is available at the time of booking.

3. Book into a Pearson VUE centre

Candidates booked into a country location will be contacted to schedule a slot in one of Pearson VUE’s test centres.

Candidates are only permitted to book into a Pearson VUE test centre in the country location they have chosen, booked and paid for.

Contact us

For further information, please see MRCOG Part 1: News and updates and read the Part 1 MRCOG FAQs.

If you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact us at or call us on +44 20 7772 6210.

Please provide your RCOG College account number every time you contact us. This helps us verify who you are and view your history with the College, including examinations and events.