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Resources & support for trainees

RCOG resources designed to support and assist trainees throughout their O&G training programme

Education and training in the context of COVID-19

Learn how we plan to support our trainees in these extraordinary circumstances

Trainees’ guide to the O&G curriculum and specialty training
Trainees’ guide to the O&G curriculum and specialty training programme [PDF]

This guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the postgraduate training programme in obstetrics and gynaecology

In this page:

Training ePortfolio
Training guides
Advice and support for trainees 
Trainees' FAQs
FAQs on Training Requirements (Matrix)
Useful links


Training ePortfolio

The Training ePortfolio section provides a link to your NES ePortfolio as well as helpsheets explaining how to use the ePortfolio.



The eLearning section provides an overview of the training resources available on StratOG, the College’s online learning resource.


Training guidelines

The training guidelines section brings together all of the RCOG’s guidance on certain aspects of training, including:


Advice and support for trainees

The advice and support for trainees section provides help and advice on a range of issues you may encounter during your training, including:


Trainees’ FAQs

The Trainees’ FAQs page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the details of starting your training post and how you should expect to progress through your training.


FAQs on Training Requirements for the Matrix

This FAQ page, produced by the Trainees Committee, aims to address issues relating to the requirements of the Matrix of Educational Progression.


Useful resources 

The useful resources section provides a range of additional information for trainees, including:


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