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In the last 2 years of the training programme, trainees undertake Advanced Training Skills Modules (ATSMs) or subspecialty training to develop the high-level skills they will need for a consultant post in their specialist area of interest.

Advanced Training 2019 – Final GMC Approved (PDF 2.8mb)

This is the Definitive Document for the Advanced Training Curricula, which contains full details of all the Advanced Training Skills Modules, Advanced Skills Modules and Advanced Professional Modules. Please use this document as a reference point.

Guidance documents to support the new Advanced Training Curriculum are embedded in the ePortfolio, and are also available on RCOG eLearning.

Please see the Matrix of progression page for the training matrix of educational progression.

Advanced curriculum guidance

See our guidance documents (on RCOG eLearning website) developed to support the new advanced curriculum.


For general information about ATSMs, please read the introduction to ATSMs, which includes:

For ATSM course requirements, please read the RCOG’s guidance on ATSM courses

For answers to frequently asked questions about ATSMs, please read the ATSM FAQs

For ATSMs and subspecialty training, please read the ATSM and subspecialty training FAQs

View a list of RCOG conferences and courses suitable for the theoretical elements of the ATSM.


Advanced Training Curriculum pre-August 2019

Information on ATSMs before the Advanced Training Curriculum was updated in August 2019.


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If you have any questions about ATSMs that aren't answered on the website, please email or call +44 20 7772 6348


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