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Long-term pelvic pain

Published: 30/11/2005

Pelvic pain is any pain you feel in the lower abdomen or pelvis. Healthcare professionals consider pelvic pain to be long-term if:

  • You experience it either constantly or intermittently for at least 6 months
  • It happens at times other than when you have your period or sexual intercourse

Long-term pelvic pain is common. It affects around one in six women. Long-term pelvic pain is not a diagnosis in itself bur rather a description of a symptom.

This information is intended to help you if you have long-term pelvic pain. It covers:

  • The main factors that may contribute to long-term pelvic pain
  • What your doctors can do to investigate and identify the cause of your pain
  • The most effectice methods recommended in the UK for managing long-term pain

This patient information leaflet is based on the RCOG clinical guideline Initial Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain, which contains a full list of the sources of evidence used to produce this guidance.