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Blog: Experiences of past RCOG Council member Tim Overton

14 Mar 2024

Tim Overton represented Fellows in the South West on the RCOG Council (2016-2022), and was a Members’ Representative (2001-2003). Read about his time on Council, why he joined, what he learned and how it benefited him.

My first experience of sitting in the Council Chamber with the most senior members of our profession, many of whom were quite imposing characters, was really quite daunting! 

I remember plucking up the courage to speak for the first time with my heart literally pounding. However, right from the start I was struck by the warm reception I received and the willingness of far more impressive people than me to listen to my contributions. This atmosphere remains and now I find myself struck by the young talent on Council and the wise words and more relevant opinions than mine they share. 

So why do it? 

This is your profession and we are facing more challenges now than I can remember during the whole of my career. It is your opportunity to shape the future of our profession and to understand with more clarity how the College works to achieve this. You will also know what is around the corner which can help your own unit, and those that you represent, to prepare in a timely fashion, particularly important with workforce planning, new guidelines, changes in CPD requirements etc.

Being on Council will present new career opportunities. You are likely to be invited to contribute to other important committee work, get involved with guideline development, mentoring, education etc. I remember starting my consultant career and thinking there is a very long road ahead, essentially doing the same job for many years. Getting involved with Council provides important variation to your career which you will enjoy. 

I have particularly valued the friendships I have developed over the years away from my own region through contacts on Council. Friends you can ask for advice when there are challenges in your own unit or region you may be struggling with. Friends you can call on when you’ve had a bad day and want to mull over a difficult case. 

Remember, you only get out of life what you put in so go for it when the opportunity arises – you will never regret it!

If you have questions about RCOG Council or need any further guidance, please contact Natasha Sullivan at Thank you so much for your contribution to the work of the College.

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