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Portfolio Pathway Advisory Group


  • Assess whether applicants have the appropriate knowledge, skills and experience (KSEs) to perform as a substantive O&G consultant in the UK and be added to the Specialist Register.
  • Agree methods of assessment according to guidance issued by the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • Assess applications and submit recommendations to the GMC.
  • Monitor best practice in other colleges.
  • Liaise with the GMC on all issues regarding applications, reviews, re-applications and appeals.
  • Consider the liability to the college and how this may be indemnified.
  • Note matters of concern in the college‚Äôs risk register, as appropriate, and in a timely manner.
  • Report to the Education Board within the college regarding recommendations on the equivalence of training.
  • Respond to GMC consultations concerning Portfolio Pathway Advisory Group matters.
  • Engage in discussion with stakeholders, both internal and external (e.g. Specialty Education Advisory Committee, deaneries) on Portfolio Pathway Advisory Group matters.

Meetings (2024)

Frequency of meetings vary dependent upon the number of Portfolio Pathway applications received. As a standard, meetings are held once a month and begin at 10:00 AM GMT:

  • Thursday, 25 January
  • Thursday, 15 February
  • Thursday, 21 March
  • Thursday, 18 April
  • Thursday, 16 May
  • Thursday, 20 June
  • Thursday, 18 July
  • Thursday, 15 August
  • Thursday, 19 September
  • Thursday, 17 October
  • Thursday, 21 November
  • Thursday, 12 December

Reporting mechanism

The Portfolio Pathway Advisory Group reports to the Education Board.


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary:

Secretary: Gemma Mordecai

Tel: +44 20 7772 6451

Senior Portfolio Pathway Advisor: Mrs Sarah Reynolds FRCOG

Deputy Senior Portfolio Pathway Advisor: Mrs Avideah Nejad FRCOG


  • Mr Hossam Elsheikh MRCOG
  • Dr Fatima Abu Amna FRCOG
  • Dr Adeeb Alchaikh Hassan FRCOG
  • Miss Gina Michel FRCOG
  • Dr Ahmed El-Hadidy FRCOG
  • Dr Jayeeta Samanta MRCOG
  • Dr Rakhee Saxena MRCOG
  • Miss Sahar Boctor MRCOG
  • Mr Javaid Muglu MRCOG
  • Dr Amr Farag MRCOG
  • Dr Medhat Elsayed MRCOG
  • Dr Maheswari Srinivasan FRCOG
  • Dr Debika Bandyopadhyay MRCOG