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Submitting your application

Criteria for RCOG awards, grants and prizes


Please read this page carefully before submitting your application.

2023 applications for all awards close on Thursday 11 May 2023, unless otherwise stated.

General information

RCOG Council reserves the right to withhold the granting of an award if, in its opinion, no work of sufficient merit is submitted.

Applications that do not comply with the stipulations of the relevant award will not be accepted.

Please note that all applications must be received electronically.

Case histories

When entering a case history, please note that it must be a real case and not a hypothetical one.

Choosing an award

The RCOG isn’t able to advise which award you should submit your application for. It’s your decision, and no information will be given about the number of submissions we’ve received for any one award.


For awards specifically for Fellows and Members of the RCOG, those who hold the DRCOG but not the MRCOG are not eligible to apply.

You must satisfy the criteria of the award at the time of application, not at the time of the award being given.

Entering more than one application

You are only permitted to submit one application for each award. However, you are welcome to submit different pieces of work for more than one award but never the same piece of work for more than one award.


Unfortunately, owing to the volume of applications we receive, we’re not able to give any feedback to applicants on the assessment of their submission. We will tell applicants whether or not they have been successful in winning the award with their submission.

Joint submissions

Applicants may not submit joint applications for an award.

Poster submissions

Unless specified, poster submissions will not be accepted in place of written submissions.

Published material

Any research submitted for a medical student award must be unpublished material.

Travel awards

We don’t accept retrospective applications.

A detailed report (maximum 1,000 words), including pictures if necessary, must be submitted to the RCOG Awards Administrator within twelve weeks of travel.

Word limit

Please keep to the specified word limit for the award you are applying for. All characters are included in the word limit; this includes graphs, tables and the title of the application and excludes references. The word count can be up to 10% above or below the word limit. Applications that go above the word limit will be marked down.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please email the Awards administrator at .