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Acknowledgments and References


Original publication 2018 acknowledgements:

Sukhera Furness – Author, Return to Work Toolkit

Amy Slater – HEE Clinical Fellow

Rebecca Shields – ST6 West Midlands Deanery, Return to Clinical Practice Course

Jo Roper – ST4 West Midlands Deanery, Return to Clinical Practice Course

Ellen Knox – Consultant Obstetrician, Birmingham Women’s Hospital, West Midlands Deanery

Dan Stott – North East London Specialty Trainee

Adalina Sacco – Former RCOG Trainee’s Committee Chair

Susie Crowe – RCOG Less than full time Advisor

Professor Mary Ann Lumsden – Former Senior Vice President RCOG

2024 toolkit update acknowledgements:

Laura Hipple – Vice President for Membership and Workforce

Mariana Bloomfield – RCOG Workforce Clinical Fellow

Farah Siddiqui –RCOG Workforce Clinical Fellow

Julie Anne Forbes – RCOG SAS and LED Committee Vice Chair

Anju Aggarwal – RCOG Less than full time Advisor

Eman Toeima – RCOG SAS and LED Committee Chair

Rebecca Say – Doctor Returning to work


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