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MTI 2024 update and FAQs

Applications for the MTI 2024 round have now closed. Application dates for the MTI 2025 round will be published on the website in Summer 2024

A number of changes will come into effect to the eligibility, applications process and selection criteria for the RCOG MTI Scheme in 2023. Please find further details in the FAQs below.

Timeline and key dates for MTI 2024

Monday  9 October 2023

Applications open for MTI 2024

Thursday 19 October 2023
at 23.59 UK time

Assessment of Training (AoT) deadline for MTI 2024

Monday 20 November 2023
at 23:59 UK time

Applications close for MTI 2024

Friday 15 December 2023
at 23:59 UK time


Deadline to submit OET/IELTS exam results (where exam was sat by 20 November 2023 applications deadline and candidate was awaiting results at the time of submitting their completed MTI application)

January 2024

Completed applications assessed by the MTI Selection Panel

Friday 16 February 2024

Finalisation of shortlist

Saturday 16 March to Monday 25 March 2024

Completion of IRC panel interviews for shortlisted candidates

Monday 8 April 2024

Finalisation of successful / waitlisted candidates


Why has the eligibility criteria and applications process for MTI changed?

In light of the feedback received from past /present MTI Trainees and host Trusts through the College’s MTI annual survey, changes have been made to the eligibility criteria and applications process for the RCOG MTI Scheme which came into effect from the 2023 cycle onwards.

These changes have been made as part of the Colleges quality assurance of the MTI scheme and have gone through a robust approval process in line with College governance. The College is committed to meeting the needs of both IMG’s in MTI training and host Trusts in the UK, to making the scheme accessible and increasing participation from eligible IMG from across the globe, and as part of efforts to further reduce attrition rates within MTI training.

What changes have been made to the eligibility criteria?

  • Number of years experience in O&G post PMQ has been reduced from 10 years down to 8 years. This brings MTI training on par with UK ST3 recruitment which also has an 8 year limit.

What changes have been made to the applications process?

  • MTI matching fee: Introduction of a matching fee for those successfully shortlisted and matched for a training post in the UK
  • MTI Logbook: MTI applicants will be required to complete a log book (Word document 76kb) and submit this as part of their application. The log book will objectively evidence your procedures and clinical activities and will need to be signed off by your current HoD. Introduction of the log book will help to ensure consistent standards in quality of applications and ensure only those doctors are shortlisted for MTI who have the skills and experience to progress to ST3 in the 3-6 month window expected in MTI training. 
    MTI log book (Word document 76kb)


  • Outlining employment history: Applicants for MTI need to outline their entire employment history from the date of passing their primary medical qualification/degree (PMQ) through to the date they submit their application for MTI and will need to sign and date this declaration. Applicants need to list this in chronological order with no gaps in time and provide an explanation for any gaps in their employment history e.g. maternity/paternity leave, career break, military service, annual leave etc. They will have to specify what medical specialty they were working in for every post and provide official proof of this e.g. a letter from HR at the organization clearly stating the title of post, dates of employment and medical specialty/specialties worked in, for any non O&G specialty jobs. The proof will have to be sent directly to the RCOG by the organization. Any periods stated as working in a non O&G role for which such official proof is not provided by the applications deadline will result in an automatic rejection of an application. The onus is on the applicant to ensure the official proof is provided for any non-O&G posts by the applications deadline and the RCOG MTI Office will not be able to retrospectively clarify or follow up once the applications deadline has passed.

What changes have been made to the selections process?

The following changes will come into effect for the 2023 MTI round:

  • The RCOG encourages IMG’s to apply for MTI only once they have passed the Part 1 and 2 exam. This is based on feedback from current MTI trainees who report they struggled to step up to ST3, acclimatise to life in the UK and sit parts 2 and 3 in the 24 months of MTI training. However, please note passing the MRCOG Part 2 is still not a requirement for applying for the scheme.
  • Those shortlisted for MTI after the assessments process will undergo a panel interview which will involve IRC Chairs, LG Chairs, MTI Regional Champions and other UK clinicians. This brings MTI training interviews on par with UK ST3 interviews and is an additional measure being introduced in helping to ensure candidates selected are at the experience level required to step up to Registrar level in the 3-6 month window and have a good understanding and realistic expectations of training in the UK.

What other changes have been/will be made for MTI Training in 2023?

The introduction of a Training Agreement for MTI

As part of the efforts to reduce attrition rates in MTI a Training Agreement for MTI doctors has been created and MTI Trainees will be asked for read, review and sign the agreement before taking up an MTI training post through the College’s scheme. This agreement will assist with managing expectations, it makes clear what is expected by the RCOG as sponsor by the IMG doctor as well as the host Trust in terms of training and education. It sets out clearly the pathways for what a trainee in difficulty or having issues needs to do. Trainees will be asked to review and sign the contract once they have their visa in place and before commencing in post.

Annual Review of Competencies (ARC) for MTI

The RCOG MTI Champions in collaboration with the Head of School / TPD for the Region will lead and conduct an ‘Annual Review of Competencies’ (ARC), with assessment criteria set against the requirements of the MTI Training Matrix (PDF). The outcomes will be: Competencies achieved OR not achieved. Those MTIs achieving satisfactory progress at the 2-year period will be awarded a certificate of completion of the MTI programme. There will be informal assessment of progress at 6 months to ensure trainees have stepped up to ST3, and then formal ARC at 12 and 18 months.