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The GMC approved Curriculum 2024 will be implemented in August 2024.

The below video outlines how the Special Interest Training Modules (SITMs) effect trainee transition plans.

The implementation and transition plan is a result of feedback received during the consultation process and from the four short-life working groups (SLWG), set up to focus on the implementation plans and future guidance.

The implementation and transition plan will help you through changing curricula. 

We are also developing guidance materials in Spring 2024.

Transition timelines | A quick reference guide

We would like to share our current thinking on how the proposed changes can be implemented and transitioned across to the new Curriculum 2024.

If you would like to know about the Curriculum 2024, please refer to our Curriculum 2024 webpages which have a number of resources and events to assist you.


Transfer date

Transfer rule



  • ST1-5 trainees will be transferred to Curriculum 2024 on the launch date of 7 August 2024. Further work is ongoing with the Heads of School to align training and transition. Further updates will be released, please check the website for more details.
  • At the point of transition trainees in ST2 or ST5 will not be required to evidence skills that were not in Curriculum 2019 until they are completing their next stage of training.



  • Trainees already in ST6 or starting ST6 from the 7 August 2024 can choose whether to remain on Curriculum 2019 or move onto Curriculum 2024.
  • ST6 trainees wishing to transfer to Curriculum 2024 do so by following the College’s procedure. Further details regarding this process will be published in Spring 2024.



  • Trainees already in ST7 and those that are transferring into ST7 by 7 August 2024 will not be transferred to Curriculum 2024.



  • All current subspecialty trainees will remain on Curriculum 2019, irrespective of how much training time they have left.


Transfer date

Transfer rule



  • From 7 August 2024 the ATSMs will no longer be available for registration, however ATSMs that have already been started can be completed and will count towards CCT.
  • Two ATSMs, two SITMs, or one of each, will be required for completion of training.
  • Trainees can opt to complete an ATSM, or transfer to a similar/equivalent SITM.
  • Each ATSM registration fee already paid will cover the transfer to a SITM. 
  • Trainees opting to transfer from ATSMs to very different SITMs must have sufficient training time left to complete the special interest modules and advice should be sought from their local SITM-director.


Transfer date

Transfer rule



  • The Clinical Research SIPM is identical to the APM so no transfer is required.
  • The Medical Education SIPM has replaced the Medical Education ATSM. Learners have a choice:
    • complete the Medical Education ATSM 2019 or
    • transfer to the Medical Education SIPM 2024
  • The Leadership and Management SIPM is a new SIPM.


Transfer date

Transfer rule



  • Trainees who complete the current subspecialty curriculum within two years, can stay on the subspecialty curriculum 2019.
  • Those who cannot complete within two years will be moved to the relevant subspecialty curriculum 2024.
  • The College will contact all registered SSTs to identify which curriculum they are following.


Transfer date

Transfer rule

OOP, LTFT, Academic trainees


  • Individualised transitions arrangements will be devised based on specific circumstances.
  • Any durations of training time are considered to be WTE.

SAS/LE Doctors


  • The College will contact all SAS/LE Doctors to identify whether they wish to stay on Curriculum 2019 or move to Curriculum 2024.
  • As for ST6 & ST7 above, those who have started ATSMs can complete them; all new registrations will be to the SITM/SIPMs.
  • In line with the two-year transition period, all those who have not transitioned to Curriculum 2024 and special interest curriculum by August 2026 will be transferred at this time.

Trainees on Curriculum 2013


  • The College will contact all trainees who are on the Curriculum 2013 to identify their transition arrangements. 

Applicable to all grades

Once a learner has transitioned to Curriculum 2024 they cannot revert back to Curriculum 2019. 


Any evidence that is relevant to the SITM but was achieved previously can be used to evidence SITMs. This may help trainees who are in ST5 prior to the transition to choose SITMs once the Special Interest Curriculum is introduced in August 2024.

The updated Curriculum 2024 will affect all stages of training. The changes are minor, but to prevent trainees in ST2, ST4 and 5 being disadvantaged they will not have to evidence the additional key skills at their ARCP. When they enter the next stage of training they will be required to evidence all the additional Curriculum 2024 key skills. 

ePortfolio | Milestones

We recognise that changing curriculum can be a challenging time for learners and educators.

We want you to know how we are developing the ePortfolio, what our focus is on and what the timelines are.



Projected dates

Phase 1 - Curriculum 2024-related ePortfolio adjustments

These have been fully scoped and approved, and they are currently in development and on track for delivery.

Completion by end of January 2024

Phase 2 - External testing and early adopters

Work has commenced to recruit external volunteers and conduct testing of the ePortfolio adjustments.

SEAC/Heads of Schools, the National Trainees' Committee, and the ePortfolio Champions will also be approached to ask for volunteers to act as early adopters of the 2024 Curriculum.

From early January to mid-March 2024

Phase 3 - High-level video

The ePortfolio Team will produce a video to provide a high-level explanation of the upcoming ePortfolio changes.

Publish in early March 2024

Phase 4 - Testing result collation and amendments

The ePortfolio Team will collect all testing results and work with the ePortfolio supplier, NDP Studio, to make any necessary amendments.

Completion by early May 2024

Phase 5 - Final testing and checks

The ePortfolio Team and NDP Studio will perform final tests and checks to ensure that all developments are working correctly.

Completion by end of May 2024

Phase 6 - Curriculum 2024-related ePortfolio development completion

All Curriculum 2024-related ePortfolio developments will be completed and ready to be applied to users' accounts.

Completion by early June 2024

Phase 7 - Detailed guidance video

The ePortfolio Team will produce a detailed guidance video for learners and trainers, to inform them on all aspects of the new Curriculum 2024-related ePortfolio developments and how these will impact their use of the platform.

Publish in early July 2024

Updated January 2024

More information

For further assistance or questions, please get in touch with our team via email at