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ATSM Educational Supervisor: job description

ATSM Educational Supervisors undertake the day-to-day, hands-on training of trainees in all aspects of the curriculum at trust level. This will also include workplace-based assessments and providing feedback to the trainee.

The ATSM Educational Supervisor must possess the necessary clinical skills in the area being taught.

The ATSM Educational Supervisor role is slightly different from that of the Educational Supervisor as determined by the GMC. The ATSM Educational Supervisor will provide more of a clinical supervisor role. The ATSM Preceptor will generally undertake the appraisal and career guidance roles; this allows the Preceptor to have an overview of the trainee’s progress throughout the ATSM curriculum. The ATSM Educational Supervisor will work closely with the ATSM Preceptor to address delivery and quality control of the curriculum.

ATSM Educational Supervisors can be recommended to the ATSM Preceptor or can self-nominate.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Take responsibility for maximising the educational opportunities provided by the hospital to meet the ATSM training needs of the trainee.
  • Take responsibility, with the trainee, to record trainee progress using the ATSM logbook and appropriate RCOG assessment tools.
  • Ensure that the trainee is able to attend the required training days and course(s). Advise the ATSM Preceptor if any difficulties arise in providing the ATSM training.
  • Take responsibility for early liaison with the ATSM Preceptor to facilitate trainee progression if training needs cannot be met.
  • Countersign the form to confirm that training is completed. This form should be sent to the ATSM Preceptor for completion by the trainee.
  • Take responsibility, with support from the ATSM Director, ATSM Preceptor and College Tutor as necessary, for responding to the needs of trainees in difficulty.

Person specification

Essential characteristics

  • Be a fully trained medical practitioner (consultant or SAS doctor).
  • Have an interest in education.
  • Have skills in appraisal and feedback.
  • Be approved jointly by the deanery and NHS services. Be trained in equality and diversity.
  • Undergo annual appraisal of educational role as per deanery and NHS processes.

Time required and job planning

The ATSM Educational Supervisor should have time built into their job plan in order to deliver this training.

It is difficult to suggest a standard amount of SPA time for this role as it depends upon the amount of the curriculum the ATSM Educational Supervisor is responsible for. The ATSM Educational Supervisor is advised to keep a diary to present at the job planning process in order to determine the individual time required. It is possible, where time allows, that an individual may be an Educational Supervisor for more than one ATSM.