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ATSM Preceptor: job description

ATSM Preceptors are appointed by the School Board /STC of obstetrics and gynaecology and are responsible for a specific Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM) within a deanery/region (occasionally an individual will be responsible for more than one ATSM, particularly when they are closely related).

Preceptors will be aware of the provision of their respective ATSM in local units and will ensure that the appropriate educational support is provided and assessments are performed. The Preceptor for a particular ATSM will need to liaise with the ATSM Educational Supervisors in each local unit.

Where the ATSM requires course attendance, the Preceptor will decide upon the suitability of courses in conjunction with the suggested ATSM course syllabus. The Preceptor will be responsible for the quality control of this element of advanced training.

Large modules may result in significant workloads for individuals and deaneries or schools may wish to have more than one Preceptor for a module. In the situation where a trainee has more than one Preceptor during their ATSM training, it is recommended that the Preceptor who is responsible for the final part of the ATSM training undertakes the final assessment and signs the completed form.

Where there are few training opportunities in small ATSMs, it would be sensible for deaneries to cooperate and appoint one person as a Preceptor working across the regions.

Consultants with expertise in the clinical area or who are members of the relevant specialist society may nominate themselves to the local STC or school to become an ATSM Preceptor. The ATSM Preceptor may also be an ATSM Educational Supervisor.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Co-ordinate the delivery and monitor the quality of training for their particular ATSM.
  • Liaise with colleagues in the specialty to ensure that both the ATSM and the core curriculum are delivered without conflicts or adverse service impacts.
  • Ensure that the workplace-based assessments required by the ATSM curriculum are performed and signed off. The trainee must submit these to the annual reviews of competency progression (ARCP) process with all other supporting evidence of progress.
  • Take responsibility for approving local ATSM Educational Supervisors to deliver ATSM training in individual units.
  • Take responsibility for ensuring that the educational opportunities and environment provided by the Educational Supervisors meet the ATSM training needs of the trainee.
  • Ensure that each trainee is allocated an ATSM Educational Supervisor.
  • Undertake regular appraisal and feedback meetings with trainees to ensure that educational objectives are being met.
  • Take responsibility for confirming that the trainee has attended an appropriate theoretical course as set out in the curriculum.
  • Take responsibility for confirming that training is completed and signing the notification form, which the trainee should then send to the ATSM Director.
  • Be involved in the region’s agreed selection process.
  • Take responsibility, with support from the ATSM Director, ATSM Educational Supervisor and College Tutor as necessary, for responding to the needs of trainees in difficulty.
  • Keep up to date with the RCOG standards in education, new educational initiatives and changes to ATSM curriculum and assessment.
  • Provide career guidance and discuss the curriculum with the trainee prior to registration.
  • Undertake quality control of the ATSM and report to the ATSM Director any potential concerns regarding delivery.
  • Report to the ATSM Director within the deanery.

Person specification

Essential characteristics

  • Be a fully trained consultant.
  • Have experience as an educational supervisor.
  • Be CPD-maintained (name on CPD roll), if eligible.
  • Be appointed jointly by Deanery (Head of School/Chair of the STC on behalf of the Postgraduate
  • Dean and NHS services representative).
  • Be a specialist in the ATSM clinical area of obstetrics and gynaecology. Be aware of quality management principles.
  • Agree to work within the terms of the job description. Encourage trainees to undertake RCOG and GMC survey. Be trained in equality and diversity.
  • Undergo annual appraisal of educational role as per deanery and NHS processes.

Desirable characteristics

  • Have training in postgraduate medical education.
  • Have experience of organising training in obstetrics and gynaecology.

Time required and job planning

It is essential that time is allocated within the job plan of the ATSM Preceptor, which is a deanery/school appointment. The time required will be proportionate to the number of trainees for which the Preceptor has responsibility and the degree of liaison required to ensure quality training. The time required will be part of or additional SPA time and the RCOG recommends 1 PA for those managing popular, large ATSMs. The Preceptor is advised to keep a diary to present at the job planning process in order to determine the individual time required. This requirement would be in addition to any other educational roles.