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Congress Committee


The Congress Committee is responsible for the organisation of the RCOG World Congress which takes place annually. The Congress is held for 2 consecutive years overseas, and every third year it returns to the UK.

In international years much of the work is done by a local organising committee (LOC) together with a professional conference organiser (PCO). When the event is held in the UK, the Core Committee oversees the work of two sub-committees.

Reporting mechanism

Congress Committee reports to Education Board.


Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Alison Roddam
Tel: +44 20 7772 6446

2022 World Congress Core Committee


  • Mr Andrew Sizer FRCOG, Shropshire – Honorary Director of Conferences

Deputy Chair

  • Mr Dudley Robinson FRCOG, London – Honorary Deputy Director of Conferences


  • Professor Pat O’Brien, FRCOG – Vice President, Membership
  • Dr Ranee Thakar FRCOG – Vice President, Global Health
  • Mr Hassan Shehata FRCOG – International Council Representative, EMEA
  • Ms Lynn Whitley – Director, Business Development, RCOG
  • Ms Alison Roddam – Head of Events, RCOG


  • To oversee the work of the local organising committee/s
  • To monitor the performance of the Professional Congress Organiser
  • To monitor the budget and income and expenditure for the Congress


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