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Meeting dates


  • Friday 12 February
  • Friday 16 April
  • Friday 9 July
  • Friday 17 September
  • Friday 26 November


  • Friday 11 February
  • Friday 22 April
  • Friday 10 June
  • Friday 16 September
  • Friday 9 December


RCOG Council is responsible for furthering the College's mission and for setting its long-term priorities and goals. Council establishes and oversees the clinical, educational, professional, academic and ethical activities of the College.  It is chaired by the President and meets 6 times a year.  RCOG Council comprises:


Terms of reference

  • Council is the RCOG’s most senior professional body, responsible for furthering and fulfilling the mission of the College and for setting long-term goals and aims
  • All College Boards and professional committees report to Council, including the RCOG Women’s Network and the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales Committees
  • Council agrees clinical and performance standards for RCOG education and training
  • Council debates, develops, advises and recommends policies and actions on clinical and professional matters for women’s health, the science and practice of obstetrics and gynaecology
  • Council is responsible for establishing working parties and inquiries to further the mission of supporting women’s health and for receiving reports from any bodies established
  • Matters for communication to Fellows, Members and Trainees are the responsibility of Council


Role descriptions

The role descriptions include information about the responsibilities, time commitment and eligibility of RCOG Councillors.


Council papers

To access the Council papers, you must be logged in first.

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Members of Council can download Council papers here.


Council minutes

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RCOG Fellows and Members can view the minutes from the previous Council meetings.



Please send all correspondence to the committee secretary.


Natasha Sullivan
Tel: +44 20 7772 6345

Council contact details

Fellows and Members of the College can access Council members' contact details here (please note you will need to be signed into the website).

Council members share their experiences

Some of the current Council members have written about their experience of being on Council. Select the names that are hyperlinked below to read about their different experiences and opportunities.

Council members 


President Edward Morris
Vice President, Workforce and Professionalism Jo Mountfield
Vice President, Clinical Quality Tim Draycott
Vice President, Education Susan Ward
Vice President, Global Health Ranee Thakar
Vice President, Membership Patrick O'Brien



Elected Fellows 

London: South Basky Thilaganathan
London: North, Central, East and North West Nick Panay
East of England Andrew Leather
Northern/Yorkshire/Humber Adam Balen
South West Tim Overton
North West Sarah Vause
Kent, Surrey and Sussex Hany Habeeb
Thames Valley and Wessex Ian Currie
East Midlands Ian Scudamore
West Midlands Andrew Sizer
Wales Geeta Kumar
Scotland (2) Alastair Campbell
  Kirsty Dundas
Northern and Republic of Ireland (2) Carolyn Bailie
  Michael Geary
International (5) John Latimer (America/Australasia/Pacific Rim)
Stergios Doumouchtsis (Europe)
Jyotsna Acharya (South Asia)
Dilichukwu Okeoma Chinedum Anumba (Sub-Saharan Africa)
Hassan Shehata (Middle East and North Africa)



Elected Members

London: North, Central, East and North West George Attilakos
London: South Vasanth Andrews
East of England Alastair McKelvey
Northern/Yorkshire/Humber Hlupekile Chipeta
South West Jonathan Frost
North West Martin Maher
Kent, Surrey and Sussex Abhijeet Shah
Thames Valley and Wessex Vanitha Kumar
East Midlands Vacant
West Midlands William Parry-Smith
Scotland Lucky Saraswat
Northern and Republic of Ireland Claire Thompson
Wales Angharad Jones



Elected Trainees' Representatives 

Heidi Stelling Chair, Trainees Committee
Sarah Quinn Vice Chair, Trainees Committee



Ex Officio Members 

Emma Crosbie Chair, Academic Board
Shaista Gohir Women’s Voices Lead
Catherine Nestor Vice Chair, Women’s Network
Jane Plumb Vice Chair, Women's Network
Asha Kasliwal President, Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health Care
Laura Hipple Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) and Locally Employed Doctors (LED) Lead



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