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DRCOG exam

This section of the website brings together everything you need to know about the DRCOG, the RCOG’s exam for non-O&G specialists who work in women’s health care, especially general practitioners (GPs).

Candidates sitting an exam

Candidates revising for an exam

Candidates sitting an exam

All the latest news and announcements about the DRCOG will appear on this page. If you’re an exam candidate, please check this page regularly to keep up to date.

Important news - Changes to the DRCOG exam (commencing April 2017)

The October 2016 DRCOG exam will be the final assessment to incorporate an MCQ (true/false) question format component. A revised exam format consisting of only EMQ and SBA questions will be implemented from April 2017.

October 2016 DRCOG exam

Applications for the 1 October 2016 DRCOG exam have now closed.

For any queries, please contact the DRCOG Secretary

Apply for the DRCOG exam

Apply for the DRCOG exam

Applications for the 1 October 2016 DRCOG exam are now open

DRCOG revision course

Who can sit the DRCOG exam?

All applicants for the DRCOG exam must be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) or the Medical Council of Ireland (MCI).

For more information, please read:

When and where can I sit the DRCOG exam?

To see when and where the DRCOG exam is being held, please view the exam calendar.

How do I apply for the DRCOG exam?

What does the DRCOG exam involve?

This section of the website contains a range of information about the DRCOG exam, including:

How should I prepare for the exam?

Exam results

Find out more

For more information, please read the DRCOG FAQs.

To contact the RCOG Examination Department, please email the DRCOG Secretary or call +44 20 7772 6282.

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