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ATSM regulations

The RCOG’s regulations on ATSMs


  • National training number (NTN) holders, doctors occupying LAT posts (ST6/7 equivalent) and non-training grades (SAS doctors and consultants) can apply for ATSMs.
  • NTN holders will be given priority for ATSM training since it is a mandatory requirement to complete two ATSMs for the award of CCT or Portfolio Pathway.
  • The registration fee and application form are the same for all applicants (please also see details of how to apply for ATSMs).
  • Applicants must be working in the UK for the duration of the ATSM.
  • Applicants must register for the ATSM prospectively and pay the Advanced Training registration fee.
  • For some ATSMs, previous experience can contribute to the development of competence; however, the assessment of competence should only be performed following registration.
  • For ATSMs where completion of a theoretical course is mandatory, attendance at a suitable theoretical course must take place no more than 3 years before the ATSM is completed.
  • If attendance at a theoretical course is mandatory please send in a copy of your theoretical course certificate with your completion form. A theoretical course must have been attended within 3 years of the time of completion. 

NTN holders and senior LATs (ST6/7 equivalent)

  • ST6/7 and LATs (ST6/7 equivalent) can register for ATSMs.
  • Applicants must have passed the Part 3 MRCOG.
  • Applicants must have completed the intermediate competences from the logbook.
  • NTN holders must start planning their ATSM in ST4 and aim to document their choice at the ARCP at the end of year 4. This ensures a full year (ST5) to organise, confirm and plan training for year 6.
  • LATs (ST6/7 equivalent) may have had the opportunity to discuss ATSM plans at the ARCP in their previous LAT posts (particularly if the posts were in the same deanery).
  • NTN holders must obtain a satisfactory ARCP outcome from year 5 before registering for an ATSM; LATs (ST6/7 equivalent) must have confirmed evidence of equivalent experience/competence.
  • Applicants can register for more than two ATSMs concurrently providing the work intensity score is no greater than 3.0.


Non-training grades (SAS doctors and consultants)

  • Applicants must have completed the equivalent of the intermediate competences from the logbook (as ascertained by the ATSM Director).
  • Applicants must have completed a minimum of 5 years in O&G.
  • Applicants must have approval from their Clinical Director to register for an ATSM.
  • The applicant’s most recent annual appraisal must have been satisfactory.
  • Applicants can register for more than two ATSMs concurrently providing the work intensity score is not greater than 3.0, and with the approval of the Clinical Director and ATSM Director.