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Education Board

Meeting dates (10:00 start)


  • 6 March 2020
  • 17 July 2020
  • 6 November 2020



Reporting committees

The following committees report to Education Board:

Reporting mechanism

The Board reports to Council generally, and also reports to the Finance and General Purposes Committee on matters with financial and resource implications.


  • To develop, maintain and monitor the College’s strategy for education (PDF, 333 kb) ensuring that it is aligned to the College’s overall strategy
  • To be responsible for the College’s standards in O&G postgraduate education and training, such as curricula, assessment and quality assurance measures
  • To oversee the continuing development of valid, fair and appropriate College examination processes
  • To facilitate the initiation and development of eLearning packages and related education initiatives as generic resources to support structured training and CPD
  • To co-ordinate and facilitate the development of specialist education, training and assessment in the widest sense, in accordance with the College curricula
  • To work with the Global Health Board to promote education and lifelong learning in UK and overseas
  • To oversee the scrutiny of all education related products and activities so as to provide assurance as to the high quality of the RCOG brand
  • To monitor, take cognisance of and respond to the General Medical Council and other education or health regulatory bodies.


The Board has executive and decision-making authority and will ratify the decisions of reporting Committees and Groups. The Board Minutes are presented at Council with major items as “starred” for discussion and ratification.



  • Professor Janice Rymer FRCOG – Vice President, Education




Vice President, Education / Chair

Susan Ward

Elected Council Representative

Carolyn Baillie


Kate Lancaster

Head of Specialty Education and Training

Bettina Cayetano

Director of Education, Quality and Projects

Gary Waltham

Members’ rep, Council

Jane Currie

Members’ rep, Council

Euan Kevelighan

Fellows Rep, Council

Kirsty Dundas

Senior Equivalence Adviser

Malini Prasad

Vice Chair (Education), Trainees’ Committee

Marie O'Sullivan

Senior Director, Clinical Quality

Anita Dougal

Chair, Trainees’ Committee

Adalina Sacco

Chair, Professional Development Committee

Rosemary Howell

Chair, Examination and Assessment Committee

Colin Duncan

Lead Dean for O&G

Adam Hill

Vice President, FSRH

Janet Barter

Chair, Education Quality Assurance Committee/Curriculum Adviser

Paul Moran

Fellows Rep, Council

Euan Kevelighan

SEAC Chair

Jo Mountfield

Honorary Director of Conferences

Phil Toozs-Hobson

Interim Director, Education

Carly Edwards

Education Resource Adviser

Suzanne Wallace

Postgraduate Lead

Dharani Hapangama

Specialty and Associate Specialist (SAS) Representative

Sarah Court



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